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Ok, I am getting a ton of questions on diet, so while I don't want anyone to skip the 1st blog of this page Part 1 & 2, we will talk about the "First 4 Diet Commandments" I tell every client on a first training sessions, so get out pen and paper and commit these to memory!

The 1st 4 Diet Commandments

1) Thou shall always eat breakfast.

Let's make this clear, breakfast is the first meal you have within one hour of waking up, if you woke up at 6am and had egg whites and spinach at 9am, you did not eat breakfast. "But I don't have time for breakfast." Yes you do, and if you don't now we get into our first of many discussions of time management. Whatever day off you have, and by the way a long time in my life I did not have days off to follow this, that will be your breakfast day, you will go food shopping and have all your breakfasts ready to go. Ideally you have time for a full breakfast (which we will talk about later as well), but if not, here is my cheap and easy breakfast.

Joe's Breakfast Shake:

1 drinking container
1 scoop of whey protein
1 table spoon organic peanut butter
1 banana
Low fat Milk
3 hard boiled egg whites (these numbers will change with goal)

Blend it and pour it into the container, I boil all the eggs at the start of the week so with peeling and blending this breakfast is made in 5 minutes and you can take it to go. Breakfast is by far so important, you will need to wake up 5 minutes earlier everyday, there is no way around breakfast, do whatever it takes! Breakfast bars are also acceptable, but as you will learn as we go more in depth, whether you are trying to get big and strong, lose weight, gain muscle, get tone etc, a big breakfast is going to be in virtually every diet.

2) Thou shall drink water instead of anything else

Ready to save loads and loads of money and slash calories up to 20% without having to make major changes to your diet? Water, water and more water. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I have milk, other beverages are social such as wine, and necessary such as coffee for the office jobs! But generally speaking from now on when you are eating water will be the drink you will have with your food. Water will be your drink during training, and water will be what you drink when you are thirsty.

3) Thou shall eat after you workout

Again, whether you are looking to lose weight or build muscle, eat immediately after workout. There are specific things you should be eating but for now, all i want you to do is have something like a protein drink, or a banana with plain yogurt after workout (I add cinnamon for flavor).

4) Thou shall eat as close to nature as possible

Here's  another "secret" experts won't admit. Healthy eating is more expensive, but it will save you thousands in the long run with health care. I go food shopping almost every other day, but if you don't have the time for that use your freezer. Here's how to shop, walk into the grocery store and make a right, head to the vegetable section and pick up your greens, make a left, pick up lean meats or fish, make another left, grab your dairy eggs, milk, and make another left, pick up toiletries. Then leave. You do not want to be in the middle aisles amongst frozen food, sugar juices, etc. Generally speaking you should be able to identify every ingredient in the food you eat, if you can't identify most of the ingredients, you are not eating as close to nature as possible.

You will learn later on the benefits of post workout nutrition, timing meals, and snacks. But for now this is your guide. oh yeah, a lawyer suggested i put this: talk with your doctor or a medical professional before starting any diet or workout. Lets get training!!!

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