Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is the best supplement for weight loss? Or anything?

SO.... I get an awful lot of questions on supplements, what is the best supplement to burn fat? What is the best supplement to build muscle? What is the best supplement for leaning out while putting on mass? What supplement will make my calves grow!? Etc.... Here's my answer:


Unless you are a pro-athlete or a competitive bodybuilder, there is little to no reason to be wasting your time with supplements BEFORE you learn diet. Before you jump down my throat about my previous posts about whey protein, I don't consider whey protein a supplement, whey protein is food, I've even with my firefighter level of education have made whey in the process of making homemade cheese. So I understand it and can explain it and feel perfectly comfortable putting it in my body.

I'm in no way against supplements, I think they are great, but here's the problem, too often people put all their faith in supplements, they want that quick fix, remember true fitness is a lifestyle, not a short term goal. More importantly, diet will take your farther than any supplement will ever take you (even pro bodybuilders and figure competitors can't win titles without extreme diet discipline), and learning proper diet and training your body and taste buds to eat right is going to be far more beneficial than any supplement. Remember what we talked about before, if there was a miracle supplement that worked, everyone would know about it, it would trade high in the market etc. Every single client I've trained who has made great success made it through dieting not supplementing. Guess what? Diet takes time, it takes commitment, it's really hard work at first, but it works, and the results last! Save your money popping pills and head to the grocery store first!

Consult a doctor or medical professional before beginning and diet or fitness program.

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  1. Hey Joe, stumbled across your Blog.

    Hope you don't mind me following. Love the Blogs you write (Gym and Travelling are pretty much my life at the moment!). Look forward to reading more. Cheers.


  2. Hey Luke, glad you like them!