Monday, February 6, 2012

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    Below are some great things that I have personally used and had clients use, there are not many things listed because I personally believe you should learn diet before you begin supplementing and always put diet first! Please remember before buying any supplement to first contact your doctor or a medical professional. But once you have your diet down, check out some of these great products:


The Digital Body Fat Scale: When it comes time to monitor weight loss, three things that will help greatly, a scale, a mirror, and a fat % calculator. The one below is the same one I use on my clients, now the best way to calculate body fat is in hydrotank, but that costs some money and good luck finding a spot in your place for it! With over 5,000 positive reviews you can't go wrong with this scale.


My favorite protein, it contains only pure whey, this is the "advanced protein, if you are looking for great taste and flavor this is not your best bet, it is extremely plain, but for me has done the best! I do two scoops which comes out to 50 grams of protein and  flavor it with cinnamon and fruits.

Now when I am at the fire house I don't have access to the same flavorings as always, so on duty, I choose these guys, sometimes vanilla, sometimes chocolate.


And remember just clicking on the links and buying anything from amazon supports this site. Thanks again to all the readers who make this blog possible!


  1. Looking good, the Arnold book is a mandatory for anyone getting into training....

    Gng to the iron temple, Power Out!

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