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Ladies Only!!! How To Sculpt A Great Butt

    Hello again to my female readers, hopefully you enjoyed our first ladies only article  I Am Checking You Out at the Gym, so you have stopped putting on make up pre-workout, ditched the cell phone, left your celebrity gossip magazine at home, and are seriously training, so today lets talk about sculpting a great back side.

    Well first as always, training alone is not going to be the only key, you must have your cardio down, and more importantly your diet, this program is designed for a tone, tight, firm butt, it will not make your butt bigger! Excessive watching of reality TV shows, lack of physical activity, and the tub of ice cream you ate when your loser ex boyfriend dumped you is what adds size, this is designed to add tone. We are using the legs in this program to target the glutes hardcore, this program should not be done every leg day, once a month for beginners and twice a month for the more seasoned athlete.

Here is the recipe for a solid back side, read below for descriptions:


Bulgarian Squats on Smith Machine: 20/15/10    Rest 1-3 minutes
Step Ups: 15-20/15-20/15-20    Rest 1 minute
Hip Abductors: 20/20/20     Little to no rest
One Leg Glute Raises: 20/20/20    Little to no rest
Glute Blaster (if available): 15/15/15    1-2 minutes rest
Your choice-one exercise, 3 sets for calves

Bulgarian Squat Smith Machine

By far my favorite and many clients favorite, use another bench or a chair behind the smith machine, position your lead leg first once you are under the bar, then prop your other leg behind as in the illustration, the deeper you can go the more it will hit the glute! These are very difficult, start without the smith machine if need be, you may want to do them near a wall at first to hold for balance.

Step Ups

Choose a bench or elevated surface in the gym, using one leg step up for 15-20 repetitions on the same leg, then switch off to the other leg, remember in any stepping/squat motion that at the bottom of the motion your knee should be over your heel, not over your toe.

Hip Abductors

You've done these a hundred times but may have a different name for them, lying on your side elevate your leg closet to the ceiling as close to the ceiling as you can while keeping it straight, roll over 360 and do the other leg.

One Leg Glute Raises

Sitting in a crunch position, raise one leg to the air, use your leg on the floor to prop your body upward while keeping the other leg elevated, do one leg's reps first then the next. The higher you can elevate the more it will work the butt muscles.

Glute Blaster

It may have another name, but if your gym has a butt machine go ahead and do three sets on it, if it doesn't you may substitute with lunges, you can elevate your rear leg as you step up for an extra butt kick.

And choose an exercise for calves.

You may need to buy a new pair of jeans to show off the hard work, and definitely enjoy bikini season!

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