Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Armed For The Mayan Calander! The Bicep Circuit For 2012!

     So in the personal training of hundreds of clients in packed gyms there have always been times where we had to work out in compressed space in compressed time. This 15 minute bicep workout has left people unable to steer the car home! So once again this one will be for intermediate or advanced, not to be done on your first arm day!

All you are going to need is the preacher bench, bar, and a set of dumbbells, five pounds less than what you normally curl should suffice.

Triple set: you will do all 3 consecutively with no rest, then you will rest two minutes and repeat it two to three times depending on how pumped you want to be.

Preacher curl with ez bar: 15 reps

Using the same exact bar, get up to the front of the bench for-

Standing curl with ez bar: 15 reps

One to three cheat curls at the end are ok, if you need to do more you have to lower the weight.

Dumbbell curls: 15 reps

Again a little cheating at the end is acceptable, even better would be to rest for three breaths or so without putting the weight down and keep going.

Bicep tips:

Use a 98% range of motion, I start almost all the way at the bottom and come up as far as possible, imagine at the end of the motion you one day will be trying to hold a penny between the peak of your bi and your forearm. I don't go down all the way because I never want to completely stop the contraction.

Use this program once a month or so, not every bicep day. Incorporate variety as that is consistently what leads to the best gains along with diet.

Find out not what works best, but what works best for you, for some people it will be heavy curls, just a few sets, for other it may be high volume and high reps, everyone is different there is no perfect program however!

Once you find your bicep notch, do not marry it, as you will need to cheat on it to maintain gains. If the program above works for you, once in awhile change things up, come in and do 6 to 9 sets of heavy curls for 4 to 8 reps with a high rest period between.

Train hard enough! Remember if you can do your first set at the end, you didn't hit it hard enough. Your bis should be pumped. It's a gym, don't be embarrassed to check in the locker room mirror for a pump, that's why they built them there!

Always above all else listen to your body, if your training partner is yelling for five more forced reps with 100 pounds on the bar and your bicep is telling you around the third reps it's going to tear, put the weight down, and rest, fight another day.

Consult a doctor or medical professional before beginning any diet or fitness program

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