Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ladies date night sucks, FOR YOU!!!

    Another ladies only article for the dedicated female readers, it's that special time to go out with your husband, boyfriend, or girlfriends to your favorite restaurant. Pick one in your head right now, ok, if you order the same exact thing that I order, I'm 6'0 200lbs or about 90kg, who gets more food? We both get the same exact thing right? Yep. So here's where the problem lies, this is not meant to be sexist or derogatory toward my female readers but for the most part men are bigger, this is genetics and evolution, thus even though we are training relatively the same with weights and cardio, our caloric intake need is greater than you females.
    Going out to eat is typically our weakest point, it is where we have the least amount of control, and at times the least amount of discipline. Unless you are trying to bulk up, generally speaking you should not be eating as much as your significant other is eating. This either means ordering the smaller portion, ordering something different, or maybe even requesting a carry away box with your meal and immediately putting your share of the food that you know is too much away for later consumption.
    I've been a bit around the world --> http://6ofthe7continents.blogspot.com  <--- sorry had to plug my other blog ;-)  and anyway, I can definitely say that at a lot of American Restaurants the portions are waaaaaayyyy too big even for me! And I'm 200lbs, so as a female trying to be lean or lose weight you should be consuming even less. Initially and culturally this may seem weird, but once you start making smaller portions a part of your life you will wonder how you ever ate so big before that. My first time in Japan I remember eating at an Italian restaurant and when the food came I thought I'd be starving, but turns out it was more than enough. Practice and discipline will get your portions down to the right size for your body type and weight goal while still enjoying life, just being more fit for it.

Consult a doctor or medical professional before beginning any diet, fitness, or weight training program.

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