Monday, April 30, 2012

Gym Etiquette

    We've all been there, there are dumbbells in every order but numerical, some jerk kid is screaming as he curls a 65 pound barbell, the machines are covered in some type of human fluid and you can only hope it is sweat, and the bathroom is the last place you'd ever want to wash your hands, let alone take a leak.

Today let's go over some basic GYM ETIQUETTE!

  • If you are training on a machine and someone asks how many sets you have left, offer to let them work in, it doesn't matter if it's a 300 pound body builder and a 100 pound cheer leader, it's a matter of changing a pin, don't make someone wait so you can sit there and waste time. Ultimately the only exceptions for letting people work in would be the big weight lifts where the body types don't match up, ie. bench, or squat. But if that's the case give them a time/set frame of how much you have left, "Got two sets buddy, be done in 3 minutes."
  • Put the dumb bells back in order!!! This pissed me off at the degenerate gyms I trained at in Brooklyn, and maybe it's a reason why my left is stronger than my right arm when I couldn't find a matching set of dumbbells. You are not the employee at the gym, it's not your job to put them all back in place, but put the ones you are using back in place, even if they weren't when you got them.
  • Re-rack your weights. I see all the pro-bodybuilders and NFL guys do it, but for some reason the high school kids and office guys don't seem to care. Take the weight off and put it back, in most gyms where the crowd is relatively fit it is socially acceptable to leave a plate on the bench press, squat rack, or leg press, don't pull this move at a senior citizen or rehab facility.
  • If you are very dirty, wipe it down. You don't have to walk around with a towel and disinfectant, but don't leave a puddle on the machine, we can all live with a little sweat though, you're here to work out, so don't go crying if there's a drop, it's a gym and you will build acquired immunity.
  • Do not spit anywhere but the garbage can, period.
  • Grunting 101: Ok I'm not going to say never grunt, it happens, but don't do it every single lift, and don't do if you are not lifting heavy, it's annoying, save your grunts for when you have over 300 pounds on the bench or squat rack, and don't be too loud, it's a gym, not your bedroom.
  • Your cell phone, should not even be in the gym. Unless you are a husband with a pregnant wife, doctor on call etc. Texting between sets does not get you bigger, and I swear on my life this happened, some kid was doing machine presses on one arm while talking on the phone with his other, then would switch, needless to say he was not lifting a lot.
  • Respect your elders. This is a given in life, when Grandma or Grandpa are working out cut them a break on any mistakes they make and talk to them if they ask you a quick question.
  • BUT!!! Grandma and Grandpa, it was socially acceptable in your day to talk to someone in the locker room while you are naked, that is no longer cool, put a towel or your underwear on before you engage us youngsters in conversation.
  • Spot properly... if someone tells you not to touch the bar, don't touch it, if they ask for a little help and you notice you are going to throw your back out helping them also let them know.
  • It's the gym, not social hour, when it's packed beyond belief don't be sitting there chatting with your buddy about last nights ball game, walk and talk if it's important, but don't occupy the machine too long while others are waiting.
  • Guys: when you see a hot girl that is in 19 times better shape than you, don't go up to her and criticize her form,  even when I see a girl I am friends with I don't even tell her till after because I am so sick of seeing dudes who don't know what they are doing try to teach someone else the wrong way.
  • Girls: remember what we said two bullets up about social hour.
And above all, the most important part of gym etiquette, make sure you are there to work out.

Shoot me an email or comment if I forgot anything.

Consult a doctor or medial professional before beginning any training or diet program.


  1. My number one pet peave is people hogging a bench or squat rack and jerking around on it....Bench or get off, take it serious, and let me jump in..

    Bad spots are annoying.
    And Crossfit is annoying of course...