Saturday, September 17, 2011

What is water weight?

I think I need to lose some pounds.. it's all water weight. What the!!!!????

     What is water weight? How do I lose water weight? Well first lets get some basics out, if at your last body fat testing you were 20% over your ideal range for your sex and age group, it's not water weight. But water weight can be that last two pounds holding you from a full six pack, or that last bit to get the line on the tricep that women seem to love to have. Water weight is your body retaining water because it doesn't have enough. So how do you lose water weight? Ok get ready, because this is one of the hardest things to get through a clients head, to lose water weight, you need to drink more water. Yep.... During competition body builders and figure competitors may use diuretics or intentionally dehydrate, but on a day to day basis, if you don't want to carry water weight you must drink more water.

     Eight cups a day is the standard recommendation, and if you had eight sodas that doesn't count in my book, eight cups of water spread through out the day, I drink much more on training days. You can drink too much water and people have died from this. So keep your intake up but don't explode your internal organs, if your urine is clear that is generally a great sign that you are getting enough water.

    Your other strategy is to lower your sodium intake. Sodium draws water into the cells, a lower sodium diet will cause less water retention. Besides the obvious times with meals and during training, try to have a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and try to have a glass before you eat, this will reduce your appetite a bit as well to keep your overall calories down.

    Some scales even measure your water weight so you can monitor the levels, check out this article for more info on that.

   Water outweighs even.... whey protein. Yep it's that important, don't cut back on your fluids. Stay healthy and have a great workout!

The views expressed in this article are solely opinion of the writer. Consult a doctor or medical professional before beginning and diet or fitness program.

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