Saturday, October 15, 2011

Support This Site

     Thanks to all the fitness readers of this site, I am grateful that this blog is now read on every continent thousands of times! If you would like to further support this site, consider purchasing the same proteins I use. The first one I use at home is totally hardcore whey with no additives or flavor. The second one I use at the firehouse where my natural home flavorings are not available. Or buy whatever your favorite protein is or anything from my amazon link below :-)


    I have an associates account and get a small commission off anything you buy from Amazon (books, electronics, work out equipment, etc), the proteins I use are not the most expensive one there, but it's not the cheapest either, however they are ones I personally use and totally support.  Or if you came here from YouTube and enjoyed my channel give the video a thumbs up. As always I am a real person feel free to contact me with any personal fitness questions I have never charged anyone for email advice. Have a great day and a great workout!

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