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How To Bench Press 315lbs

    Ok, so if you are reading this you have already benched pressed two plates, and if not you should check out that article first here. Getting up to benching 3 plates is going to be no easy task, although you may see a few people in the gym doing it (depending on the type of gym you train at) remember that most people do not even work out, so benching over 300 pounds is something only a small percentage of people in the world will get to. I personally can't do 4 plates, but can you believe there are people that have bench pressed over 1,000 pounds!? Well lets get started today talking about how to bench 315 pounds or 142 kg's first!

   The hard part now, is that training alone is not going to get you to 315. As many of you that have read this blog for awhile know, diet is absolutely key to everything. While a great training program may have brought you to a 225 pound bench press, you are going to need both a great program and a great diet to get to 315. To lift bigger, you are going to need to get bigger. Check out this article on gaining mass & this one on how to weigh yourself for more details, but basically you will need to add protein and carbs to your diet while minimizing the amount of fat you are taking in & keeping cardio up. 

    Unless you have a power lifter frame, which if you do, you most likely are not reading this article, getting stronger will involve working numerous rep ranges. If you have been doing 3 sets of 10-15 the last year it's time to change things up, it's time to do sets with weight for 4-6, or really heavy for 2 reps but superset with lighter weight or a different excercise to still get a pump, sets of two only work really great for power lifting frames. It's also time to start thinking about the same principles for getting to 225, setting up a realistic time frame of going up 10 pounds or so a month, using dumbells, different angles, and even machines, and most importantly it's time to gear up the intensity. Here's a sample 6month program for someone who is maxing 275 currently:

Months 1 & 4:

Flat Bench Press: 185/15, 205/10, 225/maximum reps
-super set last set-
Dumbell Presses on flat bench: 60/max

Incline Dumbell Press: 70/15, 80/12, 90/max

Decline Bar Bell Press: 185/10 205/8 225/max reps

Cable Cross Overs: 15/15/15
-super set-
Push ups max/max/max

Months 2 & 5:

Body weight has ideally gone up 1-6 pounds

Flat Bench Press: 225/6-8, 245/4-6, 275/2-3

Incline Smith Machine Bench Press: 185/10-15, 205/6-10, 225 2-3

Decline Bar Bell Press: 185/15, 185/15, 135/max

Dumbell Fly: 35/15, 35/15, 35/15
-super set-
Dumbell Press: max/max/max

Months 3 & 6:

Body weight has ideally gone up 1-6 pounds

Flat Bench Press: 275/5-6, 285/2-4, 295/2-4

Incline Hammer Strength Machine: 4, 4, 4 - drop set to very high reps

Decline Bench Press: 225/4-6, 225/4-6, 185/max drop set

Pec Dec Flys: 15, 15, 15
-super set-
Wide Push ups: max/max/max

Repeat the program if you must as long as you are making gains.

    Variety will be key, as will perfect form, and as will diet. I was once told genetically I would never bench press more than 225 pounds, today I put up over 300 pounds and can do 225 pounds for more than 20 reps. It's all about commitment and dedication, both physically and mentally.

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Consult your doctor or a medical professional before beginning any fitness or diet program.


  1. Hello my Name is Michael I have bench presed 3 plates for 2 reps and liked your post very much.

  2. Awesome! Glad you liked it! Keep up the good work!

  3. How many days a week should I do this? Also how much rest between sets?

  4. Just one day a week for now, you will want to rest about 2-3 minutes between sets for the pressing motions, for the fly motions only about a minute should do.

  5. At my best my max was 335 and weighed 165lbs. I placed 2nd in a competition to a roid head. The place I am different than what you wrote is more sets. I warmed up 185x12, 225x8, 255x2, 275x2, 300x1, 315x1 only pushed max every 2 weeks. I also worked down doing Max reps. After 315 drop to 300 then 275 then 250 max reps.This gives a great pump with great strength result.

    1. I'm going for 365 next year hopefully.

  6. I did 315 two times what do you recommend me in order to achieve ten reps.

    1. Sorry I missed this question, serious weight gain, diet, will get you there. feel free to email me and I can write You something.

  7. I just started doing reps with 225 last month. Some days my sets are 8x,7x,6,6,6, but some days it's only6x5x4x4x and I realize it's time to do flies and pushdowns. My 1RM is 265 with sloppiness, and I want to reach 305 by Jan 1st. I weigh 188lbs,and have been working on the flat bench for 1.5 years now.

  8. I'm going for 365 (still :-( ), 305 is very doable if you are getting around 188g of protein per day, try to get em more from real food rather than protein powders though.