Monday, November 26, 2012

What is the best scale for weight loss?

     If you are serious about losing weight or controlling the level of body fat you have and are still using the same analog scale that your Grandma used it's time to step up! Simply weighing in is not good enough for serious weight loss, muscular, and figure development. Decimal points matter too, especially for females that typically weigh less than males. And of course, your body fat percentage, your height, muscle mass, and total body water weight are essential to know. Many people when they initially begin working out may gain weight, but without monitoring the body fat percentages won't realize it's all positive weight gain, and the same with losing weight, if you are losing weight too fast you may sacrifice muscles mass. Check out the scale in this article it has over 1,000 positive reviews on amazon, it's easy to use and will surely aid you in monitoring your weight and controlling your fat levels. 

Here's some tips on monitoring your weight and using the scale to help in your fitness goals...

  • Weigh in daily, or multiple times a day, AT THE SAME TIME! I always weigh in first thing in the morning before a meal with just shorts on, and in the evening before bed. The weight can fluctuate up to 3 pounds for myself.
  • Document your weight and body fat percentages daily. Keep a note book, and just jot down your weight, body fat percentage, and one sentence tops on the weight gain or loss, for example, "At all veggies, did great with cardio." Or, "Slipped up 3 slices of pizza."
  • Keep your scale on a flat surface, and the same surface. Don't surf the scales all over your house, pick a spot, and keep it there.
  • Total percentages may go over 100%, water weight, fat, muscle mass, this is because muscle can also be water weight, so don't get overly concerned about that.
  • Decimal points count, as stated, document them, this scale is so great that you will notice after drinking a glass or two of water it will detect the difference. Especially when it gets down to getting to that bottom % goal of body fat, the decimals will be all you have.
  • Read the documentation and learn how foods affect you. My brief one sentence diary logs easily showed me where diet needed to be improved or cardio needed to be increased. Adjust accordingly.
    So as you get ready for the holidays and 2013, give yourself or your friends that are into fitness one of the best scales on the market, and use it properly! Time for me to go hit the gym to make up for all the Thanksgiving food at the firehouse yesterday!

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  1. I dont think people can take bodybuilding serious unless they buy a scale....

  2. And of course, your body fat percentage, your height, muscle mass, and ...