Tuesday, January 29, 2013

At Home Leg Workout With No Weights Or Equipment

   If you happen to be stuck at home waiting for a delivery, traveling and can't hit the gym, or have a lot of down time at work here is a very simple leg routine to supplement leg day. A gym leg workout would be much better, but if you can't make it, the word of the day is squats.

February 2013 Edit: Due to email requests I put a full no weight leg routine at the end of this article.

    Just doing body weight squats will be enough to keep some of the hard earned muscle mass, and may even help you athletically. I typically will do 300 bare no weight squats in this routine in as many sets as it takes, the first set is usually 50 or more, the next few go down, and I keep track till I hit 300. If you have never done this, you may want to start with just 100. If you can hit 100 without stopping, you may need to do more than 300 to get a great leg workout.

    No weight squats are also a good alternative if you've had back injuries from squats or if too much weight bothers your knee's. In the gym you could do them after free weight work, or as a burn out, two samples below:

Burn Out With No Weight Squats

Squats: 15/10/8/4 superset with "No Weight Squats" to failure.
Lunges: 3 laps 30-40 feet with dbells
Lying Leg Curls: 10/8/6
Standing Calve Raises: 25/20/15/10 (drop set on the last)
Seated Calf Press: 15/10/8
No Weight Squats: Try to do them for 5 minutes straight, use the smith machine or a solid object to hold onto something if you need to at the end when it gets more difficult.

No Weight Squats to Supplement Regular Squats

Leg Extensions: 20/20/20
Lying Leg Curls: 10/8/6
Leg Press: 30/20/10 (drop set if it is on a machine leg press)
Standing Calve Raises: 25/20/15/10 (drop set on the last)
Seated Calf Press: 15/10/8
No Weight Squats:  50/40/max that you can for the 3rd set

No Gym Leg Day

Due to a few email requests, here is a complete no gym leg day:

No Weight Squats: 300 in as many sets as you can.
No Weight Lunges: 3 laps of 100 feet
Lateral Glute Raises: 20 for 3 sets on each leg
Step Ups: 20 on each leg on an elevated surface
Calf Raises on Elevated Surface: 40 for 3 sets if you are a beginner. 50-60 if you are advanced.
Throw Up: Optional

Have a great leg day!

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  2. Doing squats is perfect to get leg muscles strength. I will try to do it with just 100 without stopping. I think I can do it.

  3. This is really good. But mys sister has high blood pressure. Is it good for her?