Friday, January 25, 2013

New York City Spends BILLIONS on Obesity! The Soda Ban War Continues...

    So as we have talked about on this blog here before, my hometown New York City is leading what I think is a great movement against obesity with a ban on large sodas. In short they want to make the maximum amount an establishment can serve 16 ounces (of course the dedicated, can still buy two bottles). With the growing obesity epidemic you would think people would praise this idea as it would lead to a better life for themselves and their children, but instead, they are protesting it!!! They are arguing that the government shouldn't make their diet choices. Well the libertarian side of me agrees with that, but the problem is that the rest of us have to foot the bill, it is estimates in NYC that 60% of the obesity costs end up on the tax payer. How much does it come out to? Oh not much, only 4 billion dollars!!! Oh by the way, even if it's not the tax payer and someone with full coverage it leads to a healthy person having higher premiums.

       So my problem with this whole thing, is that people want freedom to destroy their bodies, but then they don't want to take responsibility when they need medical care for the destruction they have done. While I can't say I agree with everything Mayor Bloomberg has done in NYC, this is a good move, all you need to do is look at smoking. When I was a teenager, everyone and their mother, their grandmother, and their cousin smoked. You could smoke everywhere. But a ban on smoking indoors in public areas and a massive tax rise has drastically reduced the number of smokers. When I was in high school I would say 70-80% of my circle of friends smoked, that number is now 0%. Hopefully this soda ban goes through, and hopefully as NYC led the way against smoking, it catches on in the rest of the country leading us to healthier lives.

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