Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Pec Dec: The Most Overrated Chest Machine In The Gym!

   I was doing chest on Holy Monday this week, and after presses, it was time for some flys. I've noticed this many times, many, many, many times at my gym there is always a line for the pec dec! 95% of the time it's guys that skipped bench press for machines. I am here to tell you, THE PEC DEC IS THE MOST OVERRATED CHEST MACHINE IN THE GYM! The pec dec is to the fly motion what the smith machine is to the bench press. Using the pec dec once in awhile is ok, but relying on it to develop a great chest is insanity! After you are done with presses, here's some better alternatives to end chest day:

  • dumbbell flys
  • incline dumbbell flys
  • cable flys
  • cable crossovers
  • push ups
  • pull overs
  • Drop set on flat or dumbbell press with all out drop till you are pressing the bar and a couple of quarters
    Forget the pec dec! Look at the people doing dbell flys regularly, and look at the people doing d bell flys regularly.... Any difference?


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