Monday, June 2, 2014

Men, You Need To Check Out Guys At The Gym!

    It's time to hit the gym!!! And while your gym may have some hot babes trolling through that you want to check out, it may be a better idea, as a heterosexual, to check out the guys!!!! Too often you see too many people in the gym, who either don't know what they are doing, or aren't doing anything at all! In the average American, South American, and European gyms I have trained in around the world, I can confidently say only roughly 5-10% of the people are training in an effective way. The most common mistakes being resting too long, not training intense enough, or bringing a phone into the gym, I know they have music players, buy a $15 mp3 player off ebay, and leave the phone in the locker room.

   Find the most in shape guy at the gym, or the guy you would like to model after, and study, don't stare, use some mirrors, but check out the training style of other people in shape at the gym, what do they look like before and after? How intense do they train? How is their form? The best example to see training style is on shoulder day, look at the 210lb guy with 10% body fat throwing up 80-100lb dumbbells on shoulder presses next to the new kid who is 160lbs and working with 50's. After they go to delt raises, the kid is swinging 25lb dumbbells using only momentum while the 210lb guy is using 10lb dumbells, warming up, and going to 25lb dumbbells tops because he is using great form, and making it burn, rather than simply moving weight using momentum or bad form.

    Training is constantly evolving, so always evaluate your own form, and figure out what is working for other people, and if it can work for you. And on your way out of the gym, if it just didn't feel write looking at guys the whole time, take a long walk and check out the girls in the yoga class to make yourself feel better.

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