Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How should you feel after a workout?

"I've thrown up after working out, I've trained legs to the point where I've limped for 3 days, I've trained calves to the point where I had to use two feet to drive home, I've trained arms to the point where I couldn't straighten my bicep..." But if you are a beginner THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!"

Today we are going to talk about post workout what you should feel like... Too often in the gym people accomplish absolutely nothing. Lets go over some key things that should happen during and after your workout....

1) You should have broke a sweat.

We're not talking I feel a little hot, we are talking moisture. Unless you have sweat gland issues where ever you sweat the most there should be signs of it. I'm a back sweater personally, when I leave my back is like a water slide. Unless you are doing super intense cardio, your body should not be totally dripping... yet.

2) You should be thirsty or hungry.

If you have done everything needed in the gym you should feel the need to replenish your energy stores.

3) You SHOULD NOT be able to do your best set again.

you walked in to the gym and did 20 clean pull ups, you should not be able to do another 20, you should be able to do between 4-10.

4) You SHOULD have some soreness the next day in the part you trained.

The only exception being abs, they are incredibly resilient at getting sore, now it may not be a bad thing if they are sore, but if they are not, don't worry. I had the record number of sit ups in my police academy (72 in a minute, there were 1400 people in my class) and in the last 15 years of training my abs have been noticeably sore maybe 15 times. If something doesn't feel sore, stretch it and double check, sometimes that soreness hides.

5) You SHOULD NOT be debilitated.

Yes I know what I wrote in the first part, but for the beginner your body is not ready for this yet and you want to be able to go to the gym the next day, so keep it intense but at an intensity your body can handle.

6) Your mind should feel great.

This is the first time I will get into the unmeasurable mental aspect of training. There are times in my life where I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, oh crap how am I gonna get all this done? Oh damn, I have to work 100 hours at the firehouse this week, geez my car is crapping out how am I gonna afford this... And then you walk out of the gym, and it feels like you literally cleaned your mind. It's ok, I'll get this done, I'll get the work at the firehouse done, I'll figure out my money situation. The gym makes you feel good when you are training right, and it will be an integral part of making a lot things in life better other than the obvious fitness and health.

Hope this helps everyone, hit me up with questions!

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  1. How do you feel about the workout Power 90. I'm probably going to start it soon. I was just curious to see your opinion on it.

  2. I've done it and it's good, plus anything that keeps you motivated and gets results is gonna be good for ya. :)