Friday, May 6, 2011

Some Sample 30 Minute Workouts

Hopefully you read "How much time to get in shape" or watched the video before coming here.... So lets talk about some sample 30 minute workouts, the 1st is a full body routine, if you have never stepped foot in the gym this is the recommended way to go. If you've been bouncing in and out or just want to try something different the 2nd "split" is recommended. Your training split refers to what you train on specific days, so here we go:

Format is:  
Excercise: 1st set target reps, 2nd set target reps, 3rd set target reps
Max: refers to as many multiple repetitions as you can do.
Super set: Means you will do the exercise and immediately do the next exercise with no rest. 
Triple set: is three consecutive exercises, or 2 super sets.

If you don't understand the lingo here in, hit me up and I will explain it better.

Sample 1 Full Body Split

This is to be done 3 days a week with one day of rest between.

5 minute warm up (treadmill or elliptical)

Dumbbell Bench Press 15/15/12
-super set-
Dumbbell rows 15/15/12

Stretch between sets and perform at least one set of 20 crunches on the bench between sets

Triple Set:
Dumbbell Tricep Extensions 15/15/15
Dumbbell Curls 15/15/15
Deltoid Raises 15/15/15

Between sets stretch upper and lower body, holding about 20 seconds, you will rest no longer than a minute so this means only 3 stretches. You may have to lower the weight as you go to hit your goal rep number.

Lunges 20 feet back and forth
-super set-
Body Weight Squats 20/20/20

Calf Raise Machine: 20/15/15 <-rest only 30 seconds between sets

Triple Set:
Crunches 20/20/20
Bicycles 20 seconds all 3 rounds
Seated bench leg pull ins/kicks 15/15/15


Sample 2 Individual Parts

This is to be done 3 days, ideally a day of rest between each.

Day 1 Chest and Tri's

Triple Set:
Bench Press 15/15/15
Dumbbell Bench Press 15/15/15
Dumbbell Flys 15/15/15

Stretch between sets

Rope Push downs: 20/15/10
-super set-
Crunches 20/20/20

Bench Dips max/max/max
-super set-
Seated bench leg pull ins/kicks 15/15/15

Side Oblique Crunches 15/15/15


Day 2 Back and Bis

Pull Ups or pull up machine if you cannot do at least 10: max/max/max

Dumbbell Row: 20/15/15
-super set-
Dumbbell Curls 15/15/15

Machine Preacher Curl 15/15/15

Barbell Curl: lightweight for 30-40 reps

Triple set:
Machine Crunch 30/30/30
Double Side Crunch (legs and torso) 15/15/15
Bridge 3 rounds of 20 second bridges or max if you can't do 20 seconds yet.

Day 3 Shoulders and Legs

Leg Press 15/12/10
-super set-
Crunches 20/20/20

Dumbbell Military Press 15/15/15
stretch between sets

Leg Extensions: 15/15/10
-super set-
Side Lateral Raises 15/15/15

Lying Leg Curls 15/15/15
-super set-
Bent over lateral Raises 15/15/15

Seated Calf Raise: 20/15/10
Stability Ball Crunches 20/20/20
-super set-
Side Bridges 15 seconds each side for 3 rounds

Remember to consult with a doctor or medical professional before starting any training or diet program.

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