Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 Healthy Snacks You Should Know About!

I get disgusted and frustrated when I search the net for diet ideas and see what some of the most common recommendations are for processed crap, high sugar, or something low fat that is still high fat etc, so here's 10 great snacks you should know about, and snack on instead!

1.) Celery and Salsa

This for me, is my number one favorite diet snack (or side dish with a main course). What could be better than pure vegetables with the spice of salsa and the snap of the celery. Chow down on this one all you want, it is a great healthy snack and great alternative compared to chips and salsa or nachos.

2.) Hummus and Vegetables

Nothing makes your favorite veggie better than dipping it in some nice low saturated fat hummus, plus you'll get some protein! Throw in tapatio if you like a little kick to it.

3.) Yogurt with Fruit and Cinnamon

We are talking plain yogurt, not sugar loaded yogurts or artificially flavored yogurts, throw in some cinnamon for flavor with your favorite fruits.

4.) Sliced Turkey

Organic nitrate free is your best bet, be careful as sometimes commercial turkey is loaded with sodium.

5.) Seasoned Spinach and Nuts

Steam up some spinach and season it with steak seasoning, this is a secret recipe i discovered at the firehouse because we were out of all other spices! Top it off with your favorite no sodium nuts.

6.) Air Popped Pop Corn

Yep pop corn is a good low calorie snack, but not the microwaveable sodium loaded bags, you want organic kernels air popped, if you do not know what an air popper is or don't have one I included a link at the bottom, season lightly with sea salt or your favorite popcorn spice.

7.) Vegetables and Peanut Butter or Almond Butter

Can't go wrong with some veggies and a little organic peanut/almond butter, again opt for low sodium or no sodium added.

8.) Hard Boiled Eggs with Pesto

Wanna go outside the box a bit more, cut your hard boiled egg in half. Squeeze the yolk out of the egg and stuff it with pesto. If you enjoy just snacking on egg whites, without a stuffing god bless your taste buds.

9.) Tabbouleh

If you have not yet had tabbouleh you have not lived, tabbouleh typically has some combination of parsley with chopped tomatoes, onions and burghul wheat, its seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. Extremely delicious!

10.) Fruit

Fruit... Yes it's easy but eat fruit! I have to mention because lately it seems fruit is getting a bad kick. People will argue fruit has sugar, yes it does, but people don't get fat off fruit. In the hundred of clients I trained, I've yet to train an overweight client that said, "Joe, I got fat from eating fruits". If you are competing for a bodybuilding show maybe you won't want the fruit sugars, but for most of us fruit is much better than candy, chips, and other processed foods.

Hey and number 11 as a bonus, don't forget about whey protein!!! Snack up and keep your waste size down and fitness level up!

Here's the air popper if you are interested:

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