Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bench Press - Dumbells or Barbell?

   As many of you know, myself and the Captain Power eat & breath the bench press. For the most part we do barbell old school bench press, the manliest, and most beneficial excercise for the pectoral muscles... Right??? Well, not quite, it depends on your goal. Decide your path:

Barbell: Strength, power, maxing, multiple joint work, arm and shoulder developement.

Dumbell: Muscular developement, muscle definition, size, atheletics.

    Dumbells will isolate the pecs far better than barbells, but barbell has it's benefits too. What I suggest is the best of both worlds. In almost 99% of my workouts for chest I mix up things and do some of both, you can also do barbell one week then dumbell the next. Remember, it's not what works, it's what works for you.

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