Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Even Our Pets Are Getting Fat, & 20 Other SHOCKING Facts On Obesity!

    So just how bad is this world wide obesity epidemic getting? A lot worse than most people think... While some populations are starving to death, others are eating themselves to death. Here are 20 facts that the obesity rate not just in the United States, but in the world, is spiraling out of control. It will continue to do so unless we all as not a nation, but as a species, put a stop to it.

1) As reported by my favorite online news show, The Young Turks, we have now gotten so fat, that when certain patients are to undergo an MRI, they no longer fit in the standard chamber, but it's a life saving tool, so what can we do? Borrow one from the zoo of course! It is not uncommon now that hospitals and care facilities need to borrow the same MRI's that are used on larger mammals such as cattle and lions, to use on our own kind.

2) While some people are worried that eating to death will kill them, this guy actually got so fat it saved him from death. An inmate in Ohio had gone above 400 pounds, he is overweight to the point where he cannot receive his lethal injection sentence since he does not have the veins!

3) According to this article, the body weight of 12 adults in North America, would be equal to the body weight of 17 adults in Asia!

4) My great grandparents came to this country seeking opportunty and freedom, unfortunately for new immigrants this study showed that longer exposure in the United States now leads to obesity instead.

5) Fat... can now be lethal... To the person you are sitting on! This woman in Texas was accused of murder for which she states she accidentally rolled over onto a child she was baby sitting!

6) It is not a good time for love in the UK (the 2nd fattest nation), since 1/3 of British men are obese, apparently 1/3 of them cannot see their own penis! I sure hope it looks okay for their significant others.

7) Although constantly, time and time, and time, and time, again diet and excercise are shown to be the keys to losing weight, this Australian article is telling readers that surgery is a better option. Who doesn't want to be cut open? A similar article was published here in Oregon.

8) How about South America? Apparently now in Brazil the government has set rules that restaurants must give up to a 50% discount to obese patients that have received a gastric bypass... Umm... my question, why are they going out to eat period!? The enormous portions of restaurants put their lives in danger to the point where they needed surgery! Eat small portions at home, or something small and healthy on the go.

9) Pregnancy is a big deal, I will never go through it personally, but bless the women that carry us around for 9 months. Webmd estimates that women who are not overweight will gain 25 to 40 pounds during pregnancy. That is a lot to carry around for 9 months! It has back risk injuries as well as higher blood pressure. In the old days, men had no idea what it would have been like to be pregnant, but today a lot of men are now that overweight they have a general idea apparently!!!

Is it a boy or a girl?
10) In my hometown of New York City, the weight of patients in emergency situations has gotten out of control beyond the city's resources, the New York Times documents that the east coast cities need more bariatric ambulances. No worries, they only cost $110,000 each!

11) Americans spend over $170,000,000,000 a year on fast food. We now have gotten to the point, where more money is spent on fast food then college, computers, or new cars. The amount of money we are spending annually on fast food is more than the GDP of the poorest 5 countries in the world combined.

12) While many countries in this world are starving and dying for food, in some of America's poorest cities the obesity rate is over 30%.

13) Just how fast is the obesity epidemic spreading? Today in the USA our leanest state is Colorado with an obesity rating of 19.8%, in 1995, this would have ranked as the fattest state in the nation.

14) Although we are blessed to live in the age of free information, such as this site and plenty of other with helpful information on diet, people still believe in that quick fix, the diet drug industry makes close to over $500,000,000 per year.

15) Looks like we finally kicked smoking! This study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine shows that obesity is now the number one cause of preventable deaths!

16) The average weight of an American adult (75% of the population over 20 years of age) is now 177 pounds. That is 39,825,000,000 (39 billion) pounds total. That would equal around 100,000 blue whales.

17) It is now estimated many people will spend more time watching TV per day than they will spend in the gym in an entire month!

18) Although the United States accounts for only 5% of the global population, it is close to 1/3 of the total world's obesity weight.

19) It is estimated here, that by 2020, 75% of American's will be overweight. I sure would hate to be an owner of a major airline then.

20) The annual cost of people now on disability from obesity is estimated by the CDC to be $44 billion.

21) And yes... as promised while people die from starvation, we now have obesity clinics for our pets!

    Yes, this is horrible, we are killing ourselves as a nation and as a world with gluttony while others starve.  But remember, if you are overweight you can change!!! There are so many resources out there now that are free to help! You just need to make the commitment and want the most you can get out of life. Life is too short to waste not living it to the healthiest and fullest we can, here are several articles I can suggest if you are overweight, and if you are not overweight, help out your friends or family who need your help with diet and exercise tips. Lets not have 75% obesity in 2020, lets look back on 2012, and say, the world didn't end from the Mayan calendar, and we changed things by getting healthier and making a difference.
And there's much more on this site, but there's some to start! As always feel free to comment or contact me with any questions or concerns!

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This article was written for entertainment purposes only. Consult your doctor or a medical professional before beginning any fitness or diet program.

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