Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ladies Only!!! 10 Things You Should Give Up For The Gym

   Since historically half my clients are female, it's always good to throw in some articles for the ladies, so here's an opinion poll from me and some of my fitness friends. If you are having a hard time financially or time management wise getting to the gym, here's 10 things to ditch ASAP.

  1. Getting Your Nails Done: What is it with girls and nails? Some women easily spend 30 minutes a week on their nails. Guys don't care. In fact, unless you had gangrene we probably don't even notice your hands. This will free up 30 minutes, and the cost of getting nails done is around the cost of a gym membership per month.

  2. Your Car: I am not talking about female driving stereotypes, I'm talking about spending too much money on it, and driving to every single place you can possibly drive when cardio instead is an option. If you are out of shape driving a $2,000,000 Ferrari it will not be as impressive as if you roll up in shape on bicycle from craigslist.
  3. Getting You Hair Done: The money and time women spend on hair can easily equate to a year's gym membership and 10 pounds lost doing cardio. Hair is important, I think it's hot when a girl has shiny flowing locks, but if you are severely out of shape, forget about your hair, go Demi Moore style in the army movie she was in and shave it off until you are in better shape!

  4. Fashion/Shopping: The amount of money some women spend on clothes in a year probably equals a decade in the gym... Now I know from dating, the amount of time it takes women to pick clothes is enough time to be an Olympian medal winner. Plus if you are overweight, forget about shopping for new clothes, put it in your head that the extra large clothes you have now are on their way out! When you lose the weight you will come back to shop at Target and buy a $14.50 shirt that's going to go over your brand new model physique. You will look hotter in than you ever did in your $400 designer whatever.
  5. Your Boyfriend: If your boyfriend is preventing you from getting in shape, dump him. Right now. If you are the type to eat ice cream when you are sad, maybe don't dump him till you get rid of the ice cream in the fridge. But try to be more cognizant of if your significant other is going to support you in your fitness goals, speaking of significant others...

  6. Your Friends: Make sure you let them know you are making a change in your life, and if they are not supportive or are a negative influence on you, get rid of them. Don't worry, you will make new friends in the gym. If your friends are a negative influence on your health they may be a negative aspect on other parts of your life as well.

  7. Facebooking: How much time do people spend on Facebook  wow you were tagged at a restaurant? Wow, you just saw a guy wearing a weird hat? WHO CARES!? Get off Facebook and get into the gym! But uhhhh... make sure you share this article on Facebook to promote the site! Sorry being a full time hypocrite is not easy.

  8. Your Mobile Phone: As you read in The iPhone Vs Your Gym Membership, I'm not a big fan of the amount of time and money people waste on cell phones. Get in shape before you even think about what kind of phone you "need". You don't need a phone, you need to be healthy! You can go back to having only a land line for all we care, if anyone from 5 or 6 is complaining about your phone, get rid of them too.
    "I wonder if my blind date is going to be upset that I don't have a mobile."
  9. Reality TV: Or tv in general, I have extensively covered in this blog in the War On Obesity, Reasons We Are Getting Fatter, and The Top 10 TV Shows That Glorify Obesity the amount of useless time that are wasted on TV, start with getting rid of the reality shows, eventually ditch TV altogether.

  10. Tanning: Tanning is cool, it accentuates definition, and brings out the cuts. But without even touching on skin cancer, if you are out shape, tanning is pointless! Tanning is not the first, second, third, fourth, etc step. It is the very last thing you think about when you are in shape!!! The final layer of paint for the masterpiece, not the first!

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  1. Good post, women worry about everything except what guys care about....

  2. I really enjoyed your article. Women can give up everything but they can’t give up their mobile phone and facebooking to join the gym.