Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You CAN'T Eat Whatever You Want Because You Workout!!!

   This is one of the biggest training mistakes out there! Just because you are training does not give you the VIP line to the all you can eat buffet. Too many times people think since they are training they can eat whatever they want. Now don't get me wrong, in my opinion, training does give you a little, tiny, small pass on eating. I certainly don't feel too bad having the occasional slice of pizza or whatever (unless it's prime cutting season). But generally speaking, you still need to eat pretty damn good when training, even if you are burning the calories, you will miss out on the nutrients, and energy supply of healthy eating vs unhealthy eating.

    If anything, the complete opposite statement is much more true, I'd love to see everyone give 100% to training and diet, but it's better to say "I don't have to train as hard because I eat good." rather than "I can eat whatever I want because I train." So analyze your diet with caution, have you not been losing the weight you want to lose? Or have your workouts not been what you know they can be? Put your diet in check, and the rest will be sure to follow.

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