Monday, May 13, 2013

Cost of Fast Food $5. Cost Of Open Heart Surgery $324,000. What Will You Eat Today?

    It's no secret that as our medical care system costs are spiraling out of control somehow our fast food, junk food, and crap food prices have remained the same, or even gotten even cheaper! I know how hard it is to balance a budget for yourself or your family in this economic age, and I know how tempting it may be to eat quick and cheap, but the next time you are in line on the drive thru, consider the costs.

An open heart surgery costs $324,000.00. That is not a small amount to anyone, and I don't think there are many pro-bono doctors or hospitals that are going to write that bill off to charity. Let me put 324,000 in some other perspectives:

  • That's 64,000 fast food meals.
  • That means you would have had that same fast food meal every day, for 177 years.
  • That's enough money to see every country in this world, twice.
  • It is 1080 years of gym membership.
  • If you were to use 324,000 minutes playing cards, you would burn 699,000 calories, or 200 pounds.
  • If you were to use 324,000 minutes running at a moderate pace you would burn close to 6 million calories, or 1700 pounds.
  • If you were to use 324,000 minutes having sex, you would burn off, you would burn off 2,000 pounds.
   So as it comes time to decide what to eat, or how to get ready for a $324k bill, here's my suggestions:

  1. Eat healthy, work out, live a fit life, and do everything you can possibly do to prevent ever getting open heart surgery.
  2. Rely on the failing American Health Care system to take care  of you when you come down with catastrophic medical problems.
  3. Don't worry at all! You are financially well off, just tuck away $324,000 in the just in case account, and down some fries dipped in cheese cake as you laugh at your friends who worry about this stuff.
What will you decide to do today?

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The views and opinions of this article are those of the writer. Consult a doctor or medical professional before beginning any fitness, diet, or weight training program.

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