Friday, June 21, 2013

If you thought Americans were bad with health.....

    Apparently throughout South East Asia smoking is alive and well, and heavily on the rise in children! I'm not talking high school kids, we are talking about children as young as 18 months old!!! A viral video on youtube shows this baby that was hooked on 40 smokes a day! Oh, and how nice of the Indonesian government, no laws protecting the child, and marketing cigarettes to the underage is still accepted in other countries. It is not strange to find groups of children smoking, it's totally socially acceptable, and there is no enforcement to stop them. The cigarettes are much cheaper than in the USA, around 40 cents a pack some reports say. This is one step in health care where I think we've actually made progress. We've banned smoking ads, and in general I can tell you without having to look it up, people smoke much less now, and there are much less smokers than there were in the 90's when I was in high school. But now our old problem is another countries new problem, and that's not right to me. Oh, what am I forgetting? oh yeah!!!! It's American tobacco companies supplying them... What a shock.

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