Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Collapsing Healthcare System Closes Emergency Room!

     "Medical Emergency? Sorry we are closed!" As of this week, Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn shut it's ER down and was forced to transfer critical patients to different facilities. This hospital like many others can no longer afford it's unsustainable health care costs. It is not in a rural area or poor area, this is a NYC Emergency Room, our biggest city in this country, houses in the area sell for over $1 million dollars. It is responsible for sharing the work of other area hospitals to help and care for 8,000,000 people.

     This was once a thriving hospital that took care of people and saved lives everyday. But today with the extreme costs of health insurance and lack of coverage from medicare we are seeing hospitals, doctors, and healthcare workers that can no longer even be paid. Sadly... a lot of these are preventable. It is estimated that 80% of our healthcare problems are 100% preventable through diet, health, and exercise.

    We cannot continue to destroy our bodies as we have in this decade, because as you can see, when shit hits the fan, your trip to the Emergency Room or to long term care, or to a life lived on medications, is not going to be an option. Enjoy the options of eating healthy, and training in the gym, and enjoy your life while living it to the fullest, before it's too late.

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