Sunday, August 25, 2013

11 Prescriptions You Should Be Taking RIGHT NOW!!!

    I am so sick of watching people in my country down pill after pill for every problem, we now medicate more people in the USA than many countries combined! So.... I'm going to save you a few thousand dollars today with my top picks on drugs. So for entertainment purposes only, here's a list of MY 11 FAVORITE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS!

  1. Pain Medication:

    Get a massage! preferably from your hot significant other! Use proper lifting technique, and if you are over weight, lose it!!! I dont want to hear you complain about back pain when you look like you have kangaroo pouch with a Joey in front, ditch the gut and the pain will follow!
  2. Cholesterol Medication:

    Lipi-what? Here's a crazy idea, try to eat more vegetables and greens daily, avoid fat foods that raise cholesterol, and drink water!
  3. Blood Pressure Medicine:

    Go for a run! Or drink water instead of soda!
  4. Antidepressant:

    Join a gym.
  5. Antianxiety Medication:
  6. Weigh loss pill:

  7. Respiratory Drug:

  8. General Weakness Pill:

  9. BiPolar pill:

  10. Erectile Dysfunction:

    The gym.... but in some cases, the prescription may have to be recommended to your boyfriend or girlfriend as well (good luck with that one)
  11. Sleeping Pill:

    The gym, plus the results of prescription 10 frequently, should equal a good nights rest!

      You see, it's that simple, so head to your favorite pharmacy/doctor right now, the gym, and solve all of life's problems. We are one of only two countries in the world that legally allow advertising prescription drugs on TV. We are number one in antidepressants, anti-psychotics, obesity meds, and what a shock, as of 2012, our suicides now out number our motor vehicle deaths! We don't solve medical problems here in the US, we medicate them. Get in shape, and take control of your body before this country's health epidemic gets the best of you!

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