Thursday, February 27, 2014

What I Learned This Bulk Season

    Well this week marks the end of bulk season, and what an amazing training season it has been. But summer is around the corner (or pretty much here in AZ), and I've put on so much weight that I can't jog a mile without getting winded. So it's time to give up the big lifts, and heavy eating for awhile to focus on complete fitness, cardio, and leaning out for winter, but here's some notes from my bulk season:

  • Initially I was psyched and spent about $100 on supplements, historically, my buddies who know the most about supplements, work out the least, and have never been hardcore in the gym. That should've been my clue to hit diet earlier but I didn't. As you know, I am definitely not against supplements. But the fact of the matter is that very few work. Creatine was the best one of everything I tried, it's worked for me for decades when used properly. And of course whey protein. 
  • I knew protein was going to be key, by having 4-12 eggs daily. As Captain Power also preaches, eggs are natures steroid. If you have trouble with the idea of eating that many eggs, check out my article on How To Drink Eggs.
  • I also knew chicken was going to be key, when the home grill was not available, Chipotle was my savior. Bowl, brown rice, no beans, vegetables, grilled chicken, salsa. No cheese, no sour cream.
  • I also realized at some point, that eating 12 eggs, and chicken 4 times a day, was not gonna happen every single day. I AM NOT SAYING FOR ANYONE TO DO THIS. It's your body, and your choice, and everyone is different. But for me, it came to the point where on some days I had to divert. I ate EVERYTHING except sugars. So burgers, pizza, chips, nachos, tacos, wheat cereals, etc. I had very few sugars as they are useless, but once the bad proteins, and processed carbs came in, I got bigger, and I definitely got stronger. I have an ectomorph body and have always been a hard gainer, so again this wouldn't work for everyone. 
  • I lifted heavy like I have never lifted before. On nearly every bench day hitting 225 for 20 or more reps was not even a challenge. I did rows with 2 plates. squats with 275 for the first time in years for my neglected legs. I also trained arms LESS than ever. 7 sets tops, heavy weight on most of it with bi's, and maybe a drop set. Bi's definitely got stronger and bigger, tri's so/so. I have tried everything else in the world for biceps, so I started it just as a what the hell program, but may stick with it for awhile. 
  • I did not neglect abs, or cardio. Abs are being trained harder than ever, nothing more dangerous than having a heavy body with no core to support it. Cardio was reduced, but in no means minimal, most weekends had a ten mile bike ride, sprints however were virtually absent. More low impact distance cardio to burn off a lot of the bad stuff I was eating. 
  • I monitored my weight.  Both with the mirror, and digital body fat scale. 20% fat was a point where I had to say, slow down, and definitely hit it a few times.
   All in all, it was an amazing season, and I'll miss bulk season. But I'm looking forward to not feeling like I'm carrying a baby when I run, not having to eat meal after meal, after meal, after meal... after meal. I look forward to doing cardio without wondering why the hell it's so hard. I can't wait to eat better and have more energy, and although I'll miss the heavy lifts, I know they will be back in September, and even better than they were this season.


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