Saturday, February 8, 2014

365lbs Bench Press Goal

    It occupies my thoughts every Monday, my aspirations, my mind, my body, my dreams... 365 pounds, 165 kilograms, or best and most well known in the gym world as 3 plates and a quarter. I hit 345 this training year. I remember in the late 90's the thrill of going from a 165 pound to a 185 pound max (one plate and a quarter) in my Dad's basement, but a 20lb jump at these levels is much different. 365 pounds is more than 150% of my body weight. But it is what I believe to be the genetic limit for me. I was told when I first began weight lifting that with my ectomorph frame that the most I may ever max out would be 225 pounds (2 plates). I have many times now done two plates for more than 20 reps, I believe 23 is my all time high. The climb to two plates back then seemed difficult, now I realize just how easy it was, 275, was a bit of a challenge though, 315 in Empire Fitness in Brooklyn with my training partner Steve spotting me was one of highlights of my life the first time I reached it, but since then, 325, 335, and 345 were all extremely challenging. I've had to change my training, I've had to adapt, I've had to eat a lot, extreme dieting, and extreme sacrifice. 365 is possible, I haven't done it yet, but I know that I can. I will train my accessory muscles the right way, my shoulders, and my tris. I'll focus on my stabilizers, back, legs, core. I will eat as much protein as I can, drinking egg shakes every day, protein shakes after every workout, as much chicken as I can... The right carbs, the right fats. I will remember that on a Sunday night a few drinks may mean a few less reps on Monday. I will remember 20 minutes of the right cardio, adds endurance to every rep. I remember that you lift with your mind first, and your body second, and above all else, if I throw 355 on the bar, or 365, and I fail, I will remember, that failure IS an option. I failed at 315 and 335 before I reached them, and instead of quitting and throwing out my gym membership I focused on what made me fail. Was it diet? Was it somewhere in the range of motion that I could focus more on training? Was it my mind that failed? 365.... Three plates and a quarter... I can reach it, I just need to want it bad enough.


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