Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why Are Europeans In Better Shape Than Americans?

    As many of you know from my other blog I have been all over the world, and I also have trained in gyms all over the world. It's no secret that we as a first world country are suffering and dying everyday from our obesity problem, but why are we ranking so high while so many European counterparts are barely scraping the surface of obesity? It comes down to two simple things:

Portions and Walking

   That's it! I'd love to tell you that Europeans eat better than we do, but I'd be lying for the most part, while they definitely consume less fast food than Americans they still indulge in processed foods, and more sugary food than needed. They don't eat salad or grilled chicken all day, and to be completely honest in traveling to 6 of the 7 continents I cannot recall a single time seeing egg whites as a menu option even though its a regular option here in the USA. However their portions are PERFECT! They are what a human being should be eating (unless of course you are bulking or power lifting). Even at a fast food chain the portions are significantly smaller than an American size meal, and at a high class restaurant you leave feeling satisfied, not in a food coma as we have practically invented here in America. 

     Number 2, walking, yep, there's no secret European training tactics. I'd love to give credit to World Football as it's my favorite sport, the sheer amount of cardio in world football could burn off even our worst meals, but contrary to belief, the majority of European adults in the working class don't play football everyday. I've also trained in their gyms, I'd love to tell you I learned some secret tactics to share, but I didn't. In fact, not to insult my European friends, but the gyms sucked. A lot of them don't even have 45lb plates!!! People walking around with clean white towels, drinking water from a cooler, and trying NOT to break a sweat. So it's not the training, but Europeans use what was given to them in birth, that we neglect, their legs!!! They walk everywhere, even taking the metro, they walk to and from it.

    So it comes to the simple formula of calories in - calories out. So our friends overseas are not caught looking like they need a wheelchair to get around from self inflicted disease, they save billions on health care as well, and will enjoy life without trying magic diet pills or wacky useless crash diets. 

     I live in what I consider to be a pretty damn healthy good zip code in USA.We have at least 4 gyms that I can think of just in my zip code! We have plenty of healthy restaurants, and plenty of restaurants with healthy options, although I live in a "car state" the majority of my friends and peers choose to walk or bike places. We have a fantastic city park with a 10 mile running track, and even a fitness center subsidized by the city for those less fortunate to afford a gym membership. And for those of you reading who have been to my neighborhood in Arizona if you see the people, it shows that we care about health! But as I've always said, I realize my church, the gym, is not for everyone. I realize drinking eggs or chicken for breakfast is not for everyone. Training two hours a day a few times a week, or an hour a day five times a week, may not be for everyone. But if that's the case you need to look no further than across the Atlantic to our friends overseas that are not suffering, and follow their lead, walk, and reduce portions.


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