Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If It's Not Videotaped, You Didn't Go Deep Enough....


    Although I've seen some pretty gross bench presses and dead lifts, squats hands down takes the championship for people not using the right form. I am guilty of this, my clients are guilty of this, and at least half of you reading are guilty of this. 

CLIENT: "But Joe, I feel it deep in my quads and my glutes, I've gained mass, I know I'm going deep enough!"

JOE: "But did you video tape it?"

CLIENT 2: "Joe, I couldn't walk the next day, trust me, I went deep enough."

JOE: "But did you video tape it?"

GYM BUDDY: "Joe, I always have someone spot me and watch my form, they've never said anything bad."

JOE: "But did you video tape it?"

GUY WHO NEVER WORKS OUT: "Joe, I don't care about squats because I can deep squat 275 and I don't even work out."

JOE: "But, did you video tape it?"

     Are you guys starting to see a pattern here? Everyone thinks they are squatting perfect, including myself and other trainers. And even with a spot they might tell you that your form is good, even with a mirror you may think your form is good. But look around at everyone else on the squat rack, seriously how many people are doing right? Yet they all think they are. 

     I am going to go against another belief I've said a lot in this blog about leaving your cell phone in the locker room and getting a separate device to play mp3's. For at least one leg day this month... God help me for saying this, bring your cell phone into the gym. Bring a bag with it so you have something to set it along and don't ask someone to video you because that's weird, but take a good look, are you going parallel? And lets be more honest, below parallel is going to be even better and what you need to aim for. All over the world people take a sh-t below parallel where toilets aren't what they should be, the human body is designed to squat, and we need to take advantage of that. 

    A lot of my articles are inspired by experiences with clients, but this one I actually was inspired by my own crappy training. In the early 2000's I used to tell everyone I could do 275 for reps and max squat around 315. I swore as I looked into the mirror that I was going deep enough. I learned real quick that I had not been doing them right, and for years had done squats wrong. Playing catch up when you can dead lift and bench over 300 but not squat is no fun. And it's not safe to be out of proportion. I also understand that heavy squats are not for everyone and we can talk about that in another video/blogspot, but for now, don't just take someone's word, or your own opinion, set up a camera, and see just how good your form is, because if you are part of the 50% it's much better to find out sooner than later....

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