Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Obesity Is The Deadliest Epidemic Of The 21st Century

   If we were to look at the deadliest plagues in the history of mankind we would see some unsettling things, we would see the death and despair that tore apart continents, killed countless lives, and ravaged the world throughout history. The Black Death of the 1300's, the Bubonic Plague of the 16th century, the 1918 flu pandemic, and countless more. Now... if we were to look at the plagues of the 21st century, we would see a world that has the resources, the medicine, the finances, the doctors, and the hospitals to take on epidemics. This is a world that can fight the biological warfare that nature or science brings upon us. Yet the disease that will kill more people worldwide, an estimated 3.4 million adults each year, is something that is nearly 100% preventable, and more than 1 billion of us are suffering from it.

     It is estimated that of the 7 billion people in the world, nearly 1.4 billion over the age of 20 are obese. 1.4 billion people is more than the majority of the deaths in the history of the plagues of the Earth combined. This is no longer just an American problem as now the amount of deaths linked to being overweight are outnumbering deaths of starvation. Everyday we as a world are making a conscious choice to destroy the one thing we truly own, our bodies. The World Health Organization estimates that since 1980, obesity has nearly doubled! Doing simple math, that means by the end of our lifetime we would see a population nearly completely obese if this epidemic continues. We would see our healthcare cost skyrocket even more, but we would also see things that could damn well topple what the worst plagues in history had done. We could see nations without the resources to medicate and treat every single disease associated with obesity, we could see people that live today with ease of medications like heart medicine or blood pressure medicine die in their early 30's. We could see our lifespans sink back to levels they were in the 1st century of this world.

       In the American Health Care system, we constantly don't solve problems, we medicate them. We only have so many doctors and health care workers to take care of the 1.4 billion suffering from obesity, will we really have the resources if this continues to grow? What will happen on a world level?

     Our ancestors didn't have a choice, they lived through these terrible decades of disease and plague that have been recorded since the birth and death of Christ. In most cases, their only option was to praying to Christ himself. Well, it's 2014, and that's no longer our only option. We can no longer rely on being medicated, or saying it's just my genetics. We need to take a stand, and fight for the next generations to survive, and to survive well, in a life that they won't need medications or invasive surgeries just to perform daily life functions. And while the answer may be difficult to accept, it is a very easy answer, and even easier decision. We need to eat right, exercise in moderation, and kick bad habits. You can start with the smallest steps of simple lower calorie reduction, or eliminating one bad meal per week, or just taking a walk one day. The small steps today will lead to giant leaps and bounds in our future. There is a lot to do in this world, but there is not a lot of time to do it, so we need to make the most of the time we have, and live our lives the very best we can. Because the alternatives to this, is something none of us deserve.


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