Monday, October 20, 2014


       I'm sorry, but someone has to say it! This morning I had 9 eggs for breakfast, 7 whites, 2 wholes, no bread. Lunch is a vegetable shake, snack is dry ass turkey, dinner will be grilled chicken and bland rice, followed by more egg whites, and if I'm lucky so more dry ass turkey. Do you think these are my favorite foods??? Well besides the grilled chicken, hell no!

     The hardest part of maintaining a diet is acceptance. There are too many people and diet recipe books out there saying that healthy food tastes great. And while I don't completely disagree, and honestly do love healthy food, I cannot honestly say that egg whites for breakfast would taste better than cheese cake, or that a vegetable shake would taste better than a slamming cheese burger with bacon and seasoned fries. I have a lot of healthy recipes I LOVE, and honestly drinking egg whites for breakfast is actually more convenient than having a sugar cereal that I can't drink in my car. But the fact of the matter is:

To truly eat healthy, we must accept that we are fighting thousands of years of genetic starvation.

    A lot of my health nut friends will say how dirty pizza is, or how bad GMO's taste compared to the real thing, and how awesome a salad is over a taco stand... But I can't help but notice when we've all had too many beers and end up at Joe's pizza, everyone is getting slices instead of salads. Why do bodybuilders binge the day after a show? It's not because we want to be unhealthy, it's because sugar, salts, and fats are necessary for survival, up until the last 2 centuries, these 3 things were in short supply, now we live in a time where the majority of the world is in danger of obesity and obesity related diseases. Which brings us to taste.

    I am drinking a vegetable drink now as I write this, carrots, spinach, and a zucchini. It's honestly not bad, but I know a cookie taste better, but therein we must use intelligence to over ride genetics. The cookie will lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc. The green drink is going to lead to an awesome work out tonight in the gym. If you are hardcore on getting down to 7% bodyfat then you already probably know this, but if you are just looking to be more healthy and have a six pack but not be shredded you just need to find the balance. You can start simple with maybe just one meal totally healthy, or even one side totally healthy if you are very overweight. It doesn't have to be every meal, but over the long run small changes make such a huge difference.

     Too often people go on "diets" but are expecting the same taste as their before diet, this is not likely. It doesn't mean you have to be miserable either, with proper timing of meals and not being too hungry, you won't crave the bad stuff anyway because you won't be famished of the big 3, salt, sugar, and fats. This doesn't mean every meal has to be bland or tasteless, you can go with big steps or small steps. You can try to gradually become more healthy and enjoy watching and feeling the results as you go. The main thing is try to realize that a good taste is nowhere near as a great as a good life.


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