Friday, November 28, 2014

How To Make Protein Shakes Without Whey Protein

     Here is a super simple way I make protein shakes without whey protein, note a few reasons for this:

  • If you live anywhere but North America it is likely whey protein is very expensive
  • Real protein is just as good, or even better than whey protein
  • Calories from eggs are better than calories from powder
  • This is a super easy recipe great for when you are not by your precious protein
  • If you can do this twice a day, you will make insane gains! (And I'm not selling you the secret ingredients, in fact, you likely already have them in your fridge)
Ok all I do,  in a blender:

-take 3-5 egg whites, 1-2 whole eggs (zero whole eggs if you have any cholesterol issues) 
-half a frozen banana (if you are bent out on cutting you can exclude this, it's there more for taste)
-the magic ingredient, cinnamon

    I have been doing this for bulking season and I am up 22 pounds!!! Yes 22 pounds!!! I will add that I do put 1 or 2 scoops of Gold's whey in as well for some added flavor, if you do the drink with no banana and no extra flavor... which I have done, lets just say it's a bit hard to put down. This is a great way for hardgainers to put on some serious mass. I am currently doing a dozen eggs a day in addition to the usual chicken, rice, veggies. Just like in my how to drink eggs/chicken videos, it may not be the best tasting thing, but it is decent and there are much worse things you could eat. Needless to say I have also been lifting in beast mode and totally anticipate hitting my 365 bench press goal without any steroids ever used in my life. Give it a shot if you wanna gain some serious mass, or if you just don't like whey protein.


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  1. Seems like you have been starting to use more natural products recently..