Sunday, December 28, 2014

A failed 365 bench, but a Happy New Years!

     Yes.... once again, for 2014, it didn't happen, no 365 bench for me. I did 225 for 24, 295 for 5, 185 on decline for 30 + after a total chest workout. But on 365 I flopped as it moved half way up, but then stopped and headed down in failure with all eyes on me. I've gained nearly 30 pounds from my summer low of 185, it's a lot of muscle but definitely not all muscle. I'm rocking a belly that the sole purpose of was to bench 365, it will take lots of effort when strength time is over to cut down for summer, I basically look like I could be 6 weeks pregnant! So why is it a happy new years?

      You know what? It's a happy new years because anyone who still trains, anyone who has the gift to be able to work out and train every day has something to be damn well happy about for this New Years. I've wanted 365 since I hit 315, and I've accepted the next level up 405 is out of my ecto-morph genetic capability. I was once told genetically, 225 would be my max. Today it is a number I routinely hit for over 20 reps without even needing a spot. I've achieved the human flag this year, as well as a planche. I have no doubt that 2015 will bring new fitness goals and records for me, and I've been in the gym for over 16 years.

     My friends who don't work out can't understand why I want 365, it's not by any means a world record, it wouldn't even be a record for my circle of friends I do lift with. It's not about that. It's about achieving your dreams and pushing to be your absolute best. It's about that moment in the gym when you do what once before you worked out seemed impossible, now so seemingly easily.

    I am thankful for everyday this year I spent in the gyms I trained at, from Gold's in Venice Beach to Fitness Gym Plus in the ghetto's of Salvador, Brazil. 2015 will bring us to new levels, and while some people will to choose to destroy their bodies with diet and bad habits, many of us will choose to improve and perfect the one thing in life we truly own, and truly always will own. I am off to Athens, Greece this evening, but for tonight from San Francisco, California, Happy New Years 2015.


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