Tuesday, January 27, 2015

There Are No Secrets To Weight Loss or Weight Gain!

       My friend recently emailed me an ab program and asked about it. I nearly wanted to throw my monitor into the wall when I saw the "program" mentioned nothing of diet. Abs are 80-90% diet, 10-20% work out related. There are people that have abs that do absolutely nothing except not eat too much, and on the other hand there are pro athletes that train day in day out core and full body and don't have abs because it doesn't relate to their sport to have them.

      Here's what I am getting to, there are no secrets to weight. If you want to get bigger without eating more you need to call the pope and tell him you are trying to perform a miracle. And if you want to lose weight without lowering calories or increasing the calories you burn you need to call the Magician's network and let them know you are applying to be part of the crew. I can't put it any simpler, but the problem is not the knowledge of simple math of calories in and calories out, it's the issue of the amount of crap out there that is marketed as health food.

     Diet soda, high sugar yogurts, boxed foods, canned foots, low calorie cookies, gluten free chips, no trans fat foods, etc etc etc. EAT REAL FOOD! It can't get any easier! I gained 30 pounds this winter bulking up, I wish I could tell you it was from a supplement I could link to on amazon and make commission, but you know what? It was from doing 9 to 16 egg whites a day! Did I still use whey protein, yes, that was only a very small part of my gains! Real food will work better than any supplement out there! The simplest way I used to put it to clients is that it should come directly from a plant or directly from an animal. This doesn't mean this is gonna be a super healthy diet, you could turn around and eat bacon all day. But generally speaking by doing this and avoiding all the boxed crap you would be on your way to a much better and much safer diet. Going with greens, some fruits, lean meats, egg whites, and water. Those things should be the staples of your diet, not the side dishes. We all know this, but main stream media bombards us with sponsored information that says otherwise.

     Supplements have their place in the gym, and really so do some processed foods, but it should be such a small place compared to what it is! Get your diet together, and the rest will follow!

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