Monday, February 23, 2015

Why Steroids Are Overrated

     Let me start by saying I've been in drug test jobs for 14 years now, so I've never tasted the juice. I'm not morally against it either, like any drug there's risks, but more people die from otc aspirin than steroids. My problem with steroids is that people don't realize you still gotta put the work in!!! We can all name jacked up guys, and say, oh yeah it's steroids. But I know tons of other guys that have done cycle after cycle and still can't lift crap and still look like they never even have set foot in a gym. People don't realize the steroids are a helper, they are not the do all end all, especially if your training and diet sucks. If you can't get to at least a 300+ pound bench, dead lift, and squat without steroids, you haven't learned dedication yet. Dorian Yates has one of the best steroid quotes ever, "If you need steroids to make the highschool team, you will never make college, if you need them to make the college team, you will never make pro. And if you use steroids while you are a pro, you may make an extra million dollars."


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