Thursday, February 26, 2015

How To Really Be A Millionaire

Hi readers, a little crossover article from my new blog, How To REALLY Be A Millionaire, just like bullocks abdominal work outs and lose 20 pounds in a week diet piss me off, these get rich quick schemes have gotten to me as well, so I'm starting this blog. My inspiration was of course the gym, as these ads come for making $1,000,000 I of course have to compare it to the gym, making your a million before 100k, or hell even 50k is ridiculous. Take a guy who never worked out and put 3 plates on the bench, see if he can do it before 135 two plates, 185, 225, 275, and if he can do it, I'm wrong about being a millionaire easily! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

How To REALLY Be A Millionaire

     WARNING: If you are looking for an article to make you feel good, stop reading. You can't avoid it, everywhere you go, someone is going to tell you how you, plain Joe Blow can become a millionaire. It's so easy right? Just buy this method for $5 to $100 and within anywhere from a few days to a year, you, and if you are like me, an average American with a blue collar job, middle class income, and low level of education, will be a millionaire!!! Just like the magic diet pills, or the 6 pack abdominal workout that never mentions diet, it's all bull shit!!!

     I'm here to tell you in my life experience, how to be a millionaire, the good news is, I'm going to tell you for FREE!!! I'm not messing with you, and you won't need to click to another page or on one of the ads on this page, it's all in this article and I'm gonna make it as short as possible, because if you are like me, you are lazy and don't really want to read too much. 

     As it says at the top of the blog, I'm not a millionaire, I also likely never will be. I want the money, don't get me wrong, but I don't want to be a millionaire, the work involved would mean giving up things I love more than money. However, not only have I worked with millionaires, but I have worked with and met some of the richest people in the world, not the city, or the country, the world... read on....

     Lets get right to it, you want to be a millionaire, here is the straight fucking real ways to do it, they have been proven time and time again, and remember, I said this wasn't going to make you feel good....

This is likely the easiest way, be born into a rich family, or somehow convince one to put you in their will, they are worth over a mill, they have you in for all of it, they die, you collect.

Again, an easy one!!! Come up with something cool, like what? I don't know, if I did, I'd be a millionaire. Mark Zucherberg already got facebook, Alexander Graham Bell made the phone, Thomas Edison beat us to the light bulb, so I don't know, cure for diseases maybe? Flying car? Please make the hover board! Get to it!


Most self made millionaires I imagine start this way. What's your niche? What's their a market for in your neighborhood or city? Can you travel and bring some business somewhere in the world it doesn't exist? I.E. McDonalds on Antarctica. Grow the business, employee people, and boom either when you sell or when your gross is 7 figures, you've made it! I've had several small businesses, and realized this is not the way for me, because like most people, I am too lazy.


Another sure fire method! Lawyer up and find something to sue someone over!

How about being a heart surgeon, or breast enhancement plastic surgeon? What about being a model or an actor or famous actress!? All easy jobs to get!!! Actually they are not! You gotta go to school a lot, have talent, or have a damn good hook up! No job that pays a lot of money is easy to get, so I crossed this one off my list as well!


A lot of people have become millionaires in real estate, the ones that have will tell you real estate is awesome, the ones that foreclosed, have degenerate tenants they need to evict, houses that are condemned due to building codes, insurance issues, etc. will tell you otherwise.


The best bet for me, it's easy, it doesn't involve hard work, and it's minimal risk!!!! So that's it, pretty easy huh??? Oh wait... what am I forgetting, oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You see it everyday, follow their lead, and create a pyramid scheme!

    The number one thing I hope people get out of this, is that all these online get rich quick schemes are just that, they are absolute bull shit. I've worked with several millionaires, a few billionaires, and have some very close friends that I suspect are tethering on the border of a 7 figure net worth (they don't say it because they are not arrogant pricks). But you know what, these people have things I don't have, they've got fucking brains, talent, and work their fucking asses off. While I was playing video games in high school, these fucks were studying, when I dropped out of college because I was on 7 spring breaks on credit cards, they were working and going to school, while I'm drinking on Sunday Funday this year, these smart fucks are working, they are developing themselves and not blowing their earnings on the local tavern. It should also be noted, they are all still working! Well over 40 hour work weeks!

     You really want to be a fucking millionaire? First my eight methods work, 2nd I didn't charge you shit for them. Being a millionaire changes your lifestyle, it should also be noted, most financial gurus will tell you unless you are over 65, a million ain't gonna cut it, medical insurance alone may knock out 20% of your earnings. 2 million is the more common number, but that doesn't sound as cool to sell shit.

      Besides friends, family and a girlfriend/wife if i had one, the things that are important to me are traveling, the gym, music, and art. Even for traveling, these are pretty dirt cheap hobbies, the work involved to be a millionaire is not something I'm willing to give up for any of the shit I enjoy. 

       Forget about a million dollars, aim more for what's important, and more realistic to you, and go for it.


    This article and blog are dedicated to the useless hours I spent chasing money instead of doing more important things. From:

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