Wednesday, June 3, 2015

8 Reasons You Are Still Fat

      Still overweight? Still wondering why? A quick summary of 8 things keeping you from being healthier and living a better life!

1. Your diet is still bad. You are not eating enough greens, enough lean meats, and drinking enough water. You are eating starchy white foods, sugar foods, processed foods, and drinking too much soda or alcohol. Or you are simply consuming too many calories.

2. You are not training frequently enough. You are going to the gym 1-3 x a week thinking that will undo decades of inactivity and bad diet.

3. You are buying into fad training. Sure setting up a rigorous and LONG training program and going to the gym several times a week is tough, so you think that you can buy some DVD's and train at home, or go to some new fad gym that promises changes that should take 2 years in 2 months.

4. You are buying into fad diets. You are trying the lemon juice diet, or some crazy fad diet that sends you into a repetitive yo-yo dieting, where the reverse yo is sending you higher in body fat every time.

5. You are looking for an easy way to something that is not easy. That's as simple as it can be put. This isn't something like building a house, once it's built in a year you live in it and live happily ever after, this is like building a city, it's gonna take work, planning, and sacrifice.

6. You are driving your car too much. You were born with legs, you were not born with a car. Too often people can bike, or walk, but choose to get in their gas powered vehicle, this is simple cardio that can be so easily incorporated into your life.

7. You don't have the patience. Training is not like painting a room, one day and it's done, it takes serious time and you won't notice extreme visual changes for months at at time.

8. You want to be fat. In the end, you are what you want to be. If you can name 5 popular TV show on the tube today, you have time to train. If you can't name around how much lean chicken costs at the grocery store you are not eating right. If you can name several popular celebrities that have nothing to do with your life, but can't spit out your regular workout routine on demand, your priorities are backwards.

      This article is not meant to make you feel bad, but to ask you to open your eyes, and make the changes that you can make, this can be something as little as walking once a week instead of driving, or having water once a week instead of soda, remember it's going to take years! It will be a lot easier to build it in little pieces than to start a catastrophic change that you can't keep up with. Good luck, and see you in the gym. My favorite quote on this for clients this year:

                   "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now."

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