Monday, June 15, 2015

How To Re-Rack Weights

I feel this is necessary in this world to actually have to write an article on how to re-rack your weights. Ok... this is going to be a crazy concept, but follow me...

The weights you take off the rack, will not put themselves back.

I know what you are thinking! I am crazy, they always will get back somehow, no. Someone has to physically put them back, and the best someone is actually you. Here are some tips on how to put the weights back where they belong:

  • I have trained in gyms on 6 out of the 7 continents, I have yet to see a gym that wants the dumbbells out of numerical order. So for instance, you are using the 30 lb dumbbells for curls, when you are done, find where the label is for 30's, or if you can't try to locate the 25 lb or 40 lb dumbbell and put it there in it's respective spot.
  • If for some reason the spot is taken, either be the better person and shuffle the weights to proper order, or be a halfway decent person and put the weights near it somewhere.
  • Weights do not belong randomly: on the floor, in the locker room, in the cardio room, etc.
  • It is socially acceptable if you are in a real gym to leave a 45 lb plate on the bench press or squat station.
  • When re-racking the plates, the general set up is usually the heaviest ones go on the bottom, the lightest on the top
   That't it!!! It's not rocket science but it seems that 95% of the gyms I go to can't get this straight! Don't be part of the problem at your gym, be part of the solution! 

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