Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Most Valuable Thing You Own

     What is the most valuable thing you own? Your house? Your car? Your cell phone? Of course unless this is the first time you are coming to this blog you see where I am going with this. I haven't had television for over 12 years now, it wasn't a choice initially, my pay as a cop in the NYPD was so low I had to get rid of everys single bill I could get rid of, so obviously cable was bounced out quickly, but now when people ask why I don't watch TV, I reply, I was born with my body, not with a television. In fact, you weren't born with anything you own now except the body you are in.

    Personal training has supplemented my fire department income well, I don't live in a mansion but I live in a nice little house, but if the house got to the point where it was interfering with my health or training, I would foreclose tomorrow. The one thing we truly own in this world is the thing we need to take the best care of, but as society has "advanced" we are more and more disregarding the greatest instrument we will ever own. You have to put your body first. Before anything. That's right, if you are not healthy, you will not live to see your kids grow, you will not live to enjoy whatever money your job brings you, you will live the new American nightmare of living off morning pills and invasive surgeries just to make it through the next 24 hours where the cycle will begin again.

      You want to drive your dream car one day or own your dream home, and maybe you will get there, but when you do, you aren't going to trash the house and roll the car, you are going to treat them with dignity and respect, why would you not to the same thing for the best thing you own? Your body is more valuable than anything on this Earth that you will ever have. Treat it that way.

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