Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I'm sorry, but this picture is bullsh+t.

    I've seen this one all over Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc over the years. And I am sorry to break everyone's heart, but the picture is complete B.S. I went grocery shopping just now, literally just now! 1 pound of turkey, 24 eggs, pico de gallo with no salt or flavor added, and some zucchini. It cost me about $20, and will last me about 1.5 days if even. Something that sucks about healthy eating that you don't think about until you are truly eating healthy, natural foods, as opposed to some generic "low fat yogurt" or "healthy boxed cereal", is that healthy eating is expensive!!!

    I'm also curious what city and state you can even get that fast food for $21 in, we have to be talking a truck stop or smaller city, moving down to the second pic, so many things wrong with this:

  • Orange juice: likely sugar loaded
  • Strawberries, I love em, and they are good for you, but they are expensive, where the hell can you buy 1 pound of strawberries for $1.69?
  • The 96% ground beef if you read the label actually tends to be over 50% fat, I still have no idea to this day how they get away with labeling it that way. 
  • 10 pounds of potatoes for $3????? 
     Ok you get the point. Most of you know my story now, when I first started training I trained friends and family for free, then I worked at a chain gym, and eventually started my own training business. My clients now tend to be in a higher income, I'd love to go back to training people without as much income, but I don't know how on earth I could ever legitimately do sales and live with myself again, "So uhhhhh, are you ready to spend around $15-20 a day for groceries?" Bottom line is, unless you grow your own vegetables, or have a backyard to raise chickens, HEALTHY EATING IS NOT CHEAP. And from what I've observed, I'd say 70% of the time it is more expensive to eat healthy.

    However, you guys know me, I wrote the article The Cost Of Fast Food Vs Open Heart Surgery, you gotta make short term sacrifice for the bigger picture. Sure I could've gone to get fast food for lunch, it would be cheaper, but in the long run, like anything else in life, a healthy body takes dedication and work! And it takes sacrificing. The picture is a cute thought, but in reality if you want to be healthy you need to accept that you are not only investing time and effort in the gym, but you will be investing money into eating better. But trust me, every penny of it will be worth it!

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