Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why CrossFit May Be Better Than The Gym

    First, I don't do crossfit, in fact, I wasn't honestly not sure how to spell it even, I had to google it, Cross Fit or Crossift? Turns out it's one word with two caps, according to Wikipedia, so CrossFit. And yes, I don't do CrossFit, I have tried it before many times,  it's just not for me. I don't hate it, or hate the people that do it. I just personally don't enjoy doing it, which is one of the foundations of commitment to the gym for me, enjoying it. I have some worries about the long term effects on spinal cartilage with some of the crazy dynamic lifts, but all in all it's getting people in shape at most places, and it's a lot better than sitting on your arse eating and watching television. So if I don't do it, why am I actually going to tell you it may be better than the gym, which I do almost every day?

    I am going to write another article on this soon, but the main reason CrossFitters do better than the average gym rat, is because in CrossFit people are ACTUALLY WORKING OUT! It still blows my mind to this day how many people have gym memberships and either A: don't go at all, or B: go and do next to nothing at the gym. I would say in gyms I've been to, which I can easily say is around 100 gyms on 6 of the 7 continents of this world, only around 10% of the people in the gyms were actually training hard enough. This even includes when I trained at the mecca of gyms, Gold's Gym Venice. The percent was better at Gold's Venice, but I still saw a significant number of people doing a text message workout, a lips and tongue conversation work out, a bad stretch for 5 minutes followed by 10 seconds of bad lift workout, etc. A large number of people that go to gyms simply don't train hard enough. Don't even get me started on cardio, I've said somewhere in this blog, unless it's an extreme weather or a safety issue, do cardio outside!!! It's over 110 where I live now and I am still biking, sprinting, or hiking everyday! If it hits 115, you may see me in the pool instead though. 

     If you go to a CrossFit place, I forgot what they call them, box? It's closer to 90% are actually pushing themselves! I can go online and find 10 hysterical videos of crossfitters doing stupid shit, but I can't find the same with a gym, because a kid sending text messages or 3 people conversing around a bench that they tell you they have 15 sets left on is not as viral of a video on YouTube. 

     The first important thing is to find the fitness activity you love doing! Since I don't love CrossFit I wouldn't stay committed, if you don't like the gym or CrossFit, maybe it's basketball, soccer, or boxing? Or tennis, running? The possibilities are endless. But the key is finding the one you will love. The next key where CrossFit or really most group fitness classes win, is pushing yourselves in them. If you love the gym like I do, that's great, but you have to make sure you are really training in the gym. I always remember my days as a trainer at the lower end gyms, being there 8 hours a day I'd see everyone's routine. I could only imagine the married guy coming home to his wife and saying, "Baby, I don't understand I'm in the gym 6 hours a week and not making any progress." It's because he's not doing anything while he's there!!!!

      I'm not saying to stop the gym, or to join CrossFit, I'm saying find your fitness love, and like a spouse, your dream job, or your dream whatever, give it nothing less than 100% and I promise you for the 100% you give, it's going to give you a hell of a lot more back.

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  1. Gym builds your muscles, there are chances you may lack endurance. But crossfit, it helps you build your endurance, toe up the whole body.