Thursday, August 20, 2015

How Much Do You Need To Bench Press To Impress A Girl?

    One of my friends who has never been in the gym asked me this the other day. I think a lot of guys get into the gym to impress the opposite sex, and no doubt they want to have a big bench press to impress the girl they are pursuing, so statistically, what's a number that will impress over 90% of the women out there???

200 pounds

     Ok, if you are experienced stop laughing, and if you are new to the gym listen in. 200 pounds, that's it, I swear on my life 9 out of 10 women will be impressed if you can bench two hundred pounds. But unless you are about 4'11, have only one arm, or some other disability, 200 lbs is no summit on the mountain of the gym. It's something almost ANYONE can do in a year of training, some of the naturally big guys can probably do it without ever having touched a weight. It may sounds impressive to someone that has never been in a gym, or a girl that weighs 120lbs, but in reality, it's a warm up for most experienced lifters.

     What you need to realize if you are trying to lift to impress someone, you are in the gym for the wrong reason. Hey, I started off at a 95 pounds maximum bench press, so I was happy when I benched 200, but it was no where near my lifetime goal. You go to the gym to grow as a person, to extend your life, and to live it better. Don't just set your eyes on doing something to beat someone else or impress someone else. Those things will come to you, but there will ALWAYS be someone who can lift more and someone with a better physique. You have to set your mind to be in the gym for your body, and your life. 

Have a great workout!


  1. That's hell of a weight. Don't do it for just impressing a girl, because this requires a proper technique and lots of practice. And had to be done under supervision of some one.

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