Monday, December 21, 2015

Are Protein Powder Prices Getting Way Too Expensive?

    My brother called me this weekend asking about which whey protein gave the best bang for the buck, and if any was cheaper than around $50 for 5lbs, I arbitrarily answered that I love the Now Foods Pure Whey which has no ingredients other than whey protein and Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard if he wanted flavored protein. I hung up the phone, thought for a second, then immediately called him back with a realization on the insanity of these prices, he didn't pick up, so I'm gonna write this article instead!

      $50 for 5 lbs or about 2.26 kilograms of protein is INSANE! You are paying $10 a pound! Think about that, when you buy chicken is it $10 a pound? Steak? I'm not even sure Whole Foods charges this much! Yet we pay this for our protein powders, when it's becoming pretty damn well known mainstream that the powders and pills are mere supplements to compliment a solid diet, not to replace it.

     Let's take a look at the cheapest healthy protein, eggs, an egg has 6 grams of protein, so a dozen eggs has 72 grams of protein, and that costs me $2 where I live. Comparing this to protein powder, I get 25 cartons of eggs, 300 eggs, which comes out to 1800 grams of protein, the whey comes about to about 1600 somewhat grams. So the numbers aren't too far off, but lets be honest, what builds muscle? They both do of course, but the eggs are going to be far better, real food will always be better than the supplements! Let's look at chicken, it's about $2 a pound, so again comparing it to $50 whey, you would get 25 pounds of chicken, this comes out to over 3,000 grams of protein!!! High quality lean meat!

    I'm going to the gym in two hours, when I get out I may do my egg white drink, with liquid egg whites, hard boiled eggs or I may do protein powder with eggs, so I'm not saying don't use protein powder. For adults $50 probably isn't a big deal, but where this hit me is for the beginner, the kid that's gonna have to work two jobs to pay his gym membership than get bombarded by ads that you NEED PROTEIN POWDERS TO BUILD MUSCLE! Protein powder is a great supplement, but if you are on a budget and have to choose, real food dominates in price, grams of protein, and results.


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