Friday, April 5, 2013

Which Nanny Would You Choose? (Mike Bloomberg is awesome & my choice!)


    So you have your 4 year old son or daughter and need to go out for the day, it looks like you are going to need a nanny... Which one would you choose?

Nanny 1: Smokes in the house, she plays loud music, and feeds your kids sugary crap (interestingly enough she is morbidly obese, what are the odds!?) She also doesn't really care how long your kid lives, as long as someone else (the government) will take care of the kid when the child gets sick, then who really cares?

Now nanny 2....

Nanny 2: Is an accomplished, intelligent, and hard working nanny. And on a side note, she is a lot hotter than nanny 1. She doesn't smoke, and if any guest would dare smoke, she would make them to smoke outside. She feeds your kid healthy food, encourages your child to learn, and although she has some hard rules, you know she is doing the right thing for the long run, instead of relying on the parents (or government) to foot the bill later on.

    I think I am the only internet person that supports Bloomberg! I'm sick of this shit of people saying that the government can't tell us what to eat, I'm going to let you in on a little secret...


    For some unknown to God reason, in our obese country this government subsidizes all the shit we shouldn't be eating! I went to hike with my brother and his girlfriend the other day, the 3 of us got 3 large botttles of water for about $4.50, for $8 we could have got an 18 pack of soda! Are you f--king kidding me!? In countries where unhealthy eating is not subsidized it actually cost more to buy crap food than health food. Smoking built this nation, tobacco was one of our biggest exports at some point, so of course, government made it easy for us to smoke (until of course Mike Bloomberg and other politicians stopped that saving countless lives).

    Mike, yes he is changing rules, and setting regulations, but he is not inventing these regulations! They are already there! Only the ones in place favor making us into a fatter nation than we already are. $2,700,000,000,000.00 is spent on health care each year when 70% of our disease are preventable! Thankfully at least one politician is trying to change that. I've not heard any other solutions other than don't pay for people's medical bills when they come down with self inflicted diseases. Being proactive is generally better than being reactive.

    People who want to knock Michael Bloomberg, and keep pulling the nanny state card need to realize that we are already being nanny'd by big brother. They also need to realize that solutions need to come, we cannot keep getting fatter, it is killing our lifestyles, our economy, our children, and ourselves. At least one guy is trying to change that and make this a healthier place to live. Once again, thanks Mike.


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1 comment:

  1. I was close to getting rid of fb for good before I saw this asinine, ridiculous claim. I understand that you are completely obsessed with healthy eating, working out and that anyone that doesn’t conform to your passion for exercise is a waste, but you cannot force your opinion on society.
    The argument that government already controls everything is ridiculous and not even worth debating. I too often hear people who don’t live in NY make foolish statements supporting this dictator’s agendas. Bloomberg’s main objective as being mayor was molding this city to conform to his way of thinking. It seems you have Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes a Village” mindset. It is not the responsibility of the government to take care of the children as they see fit. It is not the responsibility of the government to parent its citizens.
    The answer to failed healthcare is not more government control. It wasn’t mentioned, but if you’re on board with this gun control agenda of his then I think you’ve been living in that desert way too long.