Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Diana Nyad Swam Cuba To Florida, Your Excuse To Skip the Gym?

  Congrats to Diana Nyad! This past weekend while we were downing beers and eating burgers, she was swimming over 100 miles in 53 hours from Cuba to the coast of Florida at 64 years old!!! Something tells me when she hits her 65th birthday she is not going to really need that medicare as much as most 65 year old's, or as we are starting to see, even younger. As Diana crossed the ocean without ever getting out of the water CNN published this study on how over 200,000 people in our country are dying needlessly. Many under 65 years of age.

     We have a reached a point in time, where our worry is not where we will get our next meal, how we will stay warm, or how we will find clean drinking water. Most of us here were born with these survival needs, and most of us will never have to worry about them. Instead now we are killing ourselves daily with preventable diseases that are bankrupting ourselves, our country, and collapsing our health care system every day.

     We need to look to people like Diana as an inspiration not to skip to the gym, but to skip the drive thru fast food joint till we can find something healthier to chow on. We need to realize that "getting old" is something that those of us born in the 70's, & 80's completely fabricated while we were playing Nintendo. We need to inspire those born in the 90's, the 00's and today, to strive to never be old, to attend the iron church or whatever fitness temple they attend daily! We need to eat right, lift right, and "never give up on our dreams".

    Thanks Diana! Today's arm workout is dedicated to you, and after a few miles cardio which is nothing compared to your feat, I will think of you when I jump in my pool!

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