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     The Affordable Health Care Act, or better known as Obama Care... At this moment in 2013 we are in the worst shape we have been in with health care in our life time, and we most certainly need rescue, will Obama Care be our saving grace? I doubt it. Let's look at 8 reasons why Obama care is bound for failure, and we will continue to spiral our health downward into the toilet of bad health.
  1. It will be mandated with financial penalty. So what? Taxes are mandated, many people still don't pay them. Let's put aside people that won't be able to afford the mandate, a key issue that ObamaCare doesn't address is that American's are not unhealthy because lack of health care, we are unhealthy because we choose to be! Setting a mandate will not change this, even wealthy people will decide they don't want to pay for the mandate, they'd rather risk no insurance and pay for a new car, or the latest smart phone. American's haven't been looking out for health for a long time, why would a mandate change that?
  2. Medicare already doesn't work! We already have a government insurance, it's called medicare. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in a hospital knows that medicare already doesn't adequately cover all bills. Medicare is only received by a select portion of the population, so... If we already can't make it work with just a select few, how are we going to make it work for 300 million Americans?
  3. Firms employing 50 or more people... Bigger companies will have to pay up for their employees. Ok, lets take the very large companies off the table and hope that they can find the money to pay. What about the companies with say 50-70 employees, what will be more profitable? To keep all 70 employed and insured? Or to have 49 full time, and say another 40 part time, I guess it does create jobs! I'd sure hate to be the 50th employee of any company right now! Are American Companies about keep employees healthy and happy or are they about making the almighty $?
  4. Prepare for a pay cut. For companies not already providing health care, the money is not going to come from thin air, it has to come from somewhere, customers will pay more, or employees will be paid less. A typical "check up" to a doctor is around $100. ER trips, and major surgeries bankrupt people in this country daily. The money will not just magically appear.
  5. Obama Care creates more "affordable health care", it does not create more health care workers. Nor does it raise salaries on doctors, nurses, and medical personnel that will likely see a great increase in patients. How would you feel about being a nurse in a busy urban hospital with 10-20 patients a day, making just enough money to live in that city, well... Now you make the same money, but make that 20-40 patients a day. We recently closed an Emergency Room in an affluent neighborhood in NYC, how will we keep open hospitals in poor parts of this country if they are being flooded daily?
  6. Quality of Care: You are in the same hospital working as a Doctor, before ObamaCare you had those 10-20 patients to manage in a 12 hour shift, now you have to manage double, can you provide the same quality? No, no one could.
  7. More Medications...Or less depending on what state you live in. The Affordable Health Care act aims on making drugs more accessible... On the one hand there is an obvious benefit to this, life saving drugs should be accessible to us all, when we need them most, I've administered many of them personally. But in this country, it's not about life saving drugs, it's about medicating anything and everything! We don't solve problems in the USA we medicate them! In USA we are NUMBER 1 in prescription meds in the world! We use more antidepressants, antianxiety, and psych drugs than ANY OTHER NATION. We are also one of only two nations in this world that legally allow advertising prescription drugs! It must be working great, because now in America you are more likely to comitt suicide than die in a motor vehicle accident.
  8. We are not hitting the root of the problem, we are not even coming close. We didn't get out of shape in this country from a lack of healthcare or a bad economy, we got out of shape because we choose to be. It is estimated in MANY studies that 80% of our medical problems are completely preventable. If we continue to wait to the end to solve the problems we will get nowhere, which is where we have been going... Fast. Instead of relying on the government to save us when we come down with a catastrophic illness, why not avoid getting it in the first place? Some disease we may never be able to dodge, but we must fight and do our best to do what we can to live the longest we can. We can't rely on other people to fix self inflicted problems that we chose to make. The solution has always been here, and it would save us all thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, and the country it would save trillions, all we have to do is choose to live right, eat right, and train right.
     It would be great one day to look back on Obamacare, and say: it was a great plan, with good intentions, it was a plan made to have the government help everyone, but in the end we didn't need it, we just our helped ourselves instead.

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