Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Women Age Like Wine... IF YOU WORK OUT!!!!

    You've all heard the age old saying, "Men age like wine, women age like milk." Well, I'm here to tell you today that statement is complete bullshit. The women that age are the ones that choose not to prioritize their health. I've met 18 year old women that tell me they are getting old, I've met 21 year old women that seemed to believe when they hit the drinking age in USA they were too old, I've met women in their 30's that complain that men only want to date 21 year old's (I'm not sure if they are referring to the ones that say they are too old or not). And while all this was going on, there was another group of women, that chose not to accept that aging is something that is completely out of their control, these women took advantage of the fact that the competition was not eating right, not training right, and not in the right mental state, and today are among the most beautiful and successful women in the world.

    I'm not going to go into the extreme examples like the picture I used, your Jennifer Lopez's or Jennifer Aniston's. I am just going to tell you the women I personally know in mid-thirties to early forties that train at my gym everyday. They have body's, smiles, and the look Michelangelo would be sculpting if he was alive today. If the playing field was level, women in their 30's would feel bad for women in their 20's, because they would have no shot at being in better shape! They simply have not had enough time to train to be in that type of shape. Your cosmopolitan make up models that get overly photoshopped may be in their late teens and early twenties, but take a look at models in any hard core health magazine, or bikini models that compete, they are late twenties to late thirties. The truth in the stereotype is that some women in their 30's may have led the wrong lifestyle, they've done in 10 years a lot of damage that a 20 year old woman has not had a chance to do. But a woman that has woke up every morning, and looked in the mirror honestly and truthfully, a woman that has decided to take advantage of her shape, her gym, and her life, will not look back at her 20's, and her 30's, and think those were her best days. She'll look to the future and know that everyday can get better, and every part of life is worth living better and healthier for.

So how will you decide to age?

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