Sunday, December 8, 2013

The 10 Best Motivational Fitness Stories of 2013

     Well, as we enter December we know that the year is coming to an end, 2014 may be bleak as the medical epidemic in this country continues to spiral out of control, but not all people are succumbing to this disease, lets take a look back at 10 great fitness success stories of 2013:

Amanda's time lapse video: This girl lost 88 pounds in one year! But even better yet, she's good with computers/video editing and made a time lapse video showing the progress.


Amanda adds that she didn't really excericse... ok while that goes against my religion a little bit, it highly agrees with what me and the Captain Power preach, DIET OVER CARDIO!

Diana Nyad: Who can forget Diana Nyad? At age 63 she swam from Cuba to Florida! Gaining the attention of Michael Phelps and the world alike.

Amanda and Keith Flick: Together lost 190 pounds, through a magic diet pill? Thru invasive surgery? Thru some late night workout that sheds all weight in minutes!? Nope, just thru common sense eating, excercise, and true dedication. Amanda is now a personal trainer! Her husband seeing as how she was getting hot and may divorce him got on the band wagon too, he lost signifigant weight, but not only did he lose the weight, he also lost his high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea. Great job to both of them!

Sy Perlis: How about this 91 year old man representing my state AZ, it's not enough that Sy Perlis fought for us in WWII, but he also decided to be more awesome and break the world bench press record for his age group putting up 187.2 lbs (some of my lifting partners in my teens, 20's, and today still have not hit that one).


Justin and Laura Shelton have been together for 8 years, it's motivational on a romantic level that they got together with no biases towards their appearances, but romance doesn't save you from heart disease. Justin had a trip to the ER and from there it was game on, together the couple lost over 500lbs! Read their story here!

San Francisco: They are getting on board with being proactive and hitting the problem before it becomes one, there is a motion now to put a 2 cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks!  Of course people will protest about the price etc, but simple math, 2 cents x 16 ounces x a lot of bad crap does not even = close to what it will cost for diabetes, heart surgery, etc. It's a small price to pay and could potentially do what taxing cigarettes did.

Barbie Thomas: What's your excuse to skip the gym? Body builder Barbie Thomas works out daily... with no arms! She trains also here in Arizona and is a proud mom of two sons.

Rocco Dispirto: How about Rocco Dispirito!? This Italian formerly chubby chef was face with extreme health risks at 35, his doctor gave him a crap load of prescription meds to take, when he asked for an alternative, the doctor told him, "Well, healthy eating and working out, but no one ever does that." Rocco proved him wrong, by losing about 50 pounds. He shares his healthy Italian recipes now on his web site. If you don't have time for the whole interview, start at 1:10!


The Captain Power: To cap the year off of writing his blog, the Captain Power has discovered a new dating app that he claims is better than any one out there! Spoiler: half of it involves working out!

Maria Kang: And of course, last but certainly not least, the woman I have motioned to nominate for the Noble Peace prize, married mother of 3 Maria Kang was shunned by the media and fellow Americans for trying to motivate people to be successful with their health, and trying to show us that a healthy lifestyle is possible for all of us if we just put our mind to it, she has since been temporarily banned from Facebook for spreading her good word, but the voices of the internet cannot be stopped, from myself personally, thank you Maria.

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