Thursday, April 16, 2015

Where Does America Rank In World Health Care?

      It's no secret that we spend a lot on health care, in fact, as far as spending we are number 1. But yet just last year Time magazine called the American Health Care system "the worst in the developed world" and the World Health Organization in this survey ranked USA number 38 in the world for healthcare! We are spending on average $8,000 per person per year for health care, with 300 million Americans this number comes out to over two trillion dollars per year! This is more money than the GDP of the 20 poorest countries in the world combined. How can we be spending so much money, and have so many innovative doctors and medicine and yet be ranked so low among developed nations? Because money solves a lot of problems, but it really doesn't solve every problem. The vast majority of American chronic diseases are self inflicted by diet and lack of exercise. We are a nation of fast food, no walking, and extremely dangerous health habits.

     There is no reason we should be ranked so low, we have the resources, the technology, and the knowledge to change our diets and behavior, we just need the push, but when will that come? At what point will our health care system financially or even physically collapse completely before we say enough is enough?


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